Underrated K-Beauty Brands You Can Find In Singapore

New finds you need to know

With K-beauty being vast, there are a lot of underrated brands that fall under the radar. K-beauty online sales have amounted to 3.2 trillion South Korean won in the first quarter of 2020, according to a report by Statista, so it's not impossible that we might overlook some really good brands. What a shame would it be to miss out on a new holy grail! Luckily, there are a lot of merchandisers — Guardian and Sift & Pick are just a couple of them — that bring underrated K-beauty brands to Singapore for us to love. We give you the lowdown on the new contenders you need to keep an eye out for.


You may already know of Rom&nd, an underrated K-beauty brand that's on its way to being a staple on your vanity if it hasn’t already. The youthful hues and sleek packaging on their products are a couple of the reasons why this brand is a hit with younger consumers. It's relatively new to Singapore, but its range of lip products and blushes is irresistible and definitely worth a look. Head over to Guardian stores islandwide or to the Guardian website for a peek into their expansive collection.

Our top pick: The Rom&nd Glasting Water Tint (SGD19.90/~USD14.66) offers a hydrating, glistening shine for your lips that is said to not budge or smudge. A new mask makeup contender?

The Potions

If you're a fan of brands with a minimalistic approach to skincare, The Potions is one you need to check out. A new addition to Guardian's wide range of K-beauty brands, it aims to minimise unnecessary and harmful ingredients in its products and focus on one key ingredient for each item.

Our top pick: The Potions Q10 Ampoule (SGD19.90/~USD14.66) caught our eye. It’s an ampoule serum with Q10, a coenzyme with antioxidant powers that revitalises the skin.


For those who prefer to go with clean beauty products, another underrated K-beauty brand you can find in Singapore is Isntree. This clean cosmetics brand promises to create products using "only the ingredients the skin needs".  Aside from that, they also refrain from animal testing.

Our top pick: The Spot Saver Mugwort Powder Wash (SGD36/~USD26.52) has us pulling out our card and adding it to our cart. It's a powdered enzyme cleanser with mugwort powder, papain and Dead Sea salt that removes dead skin cells and debris from the skin. It's said to be good for people with acne-prone and sensitive skin.


For a deep cleanse and hydration, look to Lagom's range of skincare products. Lagom, which is a Swedish word loosely translated to "moderation", was created by acclaimed South Korean makeup artist Kowon-Hye with the help of 12 skincare experts and scientists. This underrated K-beauty brand uses DermaFlux, which provides lasting moisture to skin cells and the areas where it’s needed the most, as the hero ingredient of their products.

Our top pick: Their Cellus Mist Toner (SGD38/~USD28.00), an antioxidant-rich spray-on toner. This über-convenient find is perfect for those who are always in a rush to get ready. Apply a quick spritz of this after cleansing your face and follow it up with your go-to moisturiser for a quick three-step regimen.


When it comes to industry experience, look no further than the indie brand Barulab. A cosmetic product lab with two decades worth of experience, they come up with research-based skincare solutions for your various skin woes. All products have safe-to-use ingredients, so you know your skin is in good hands.

Our top pick: We all know that moisturising is key when it comes to a good skin day. Slap on the super hydrating 7 in 1 Total Solution Blue Aqua Mask sheets (SGD35/~USD25.79) for that coveted youthful-looking skin.

(Cover photo from: @isntree_official)

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