Moisture Sandwich Is The Skincare & Haircare Trend You Need To Try

Hydrated all over

Ever heard of a moisture sandwich? It's the new skincare and haircare method beauty lovers are raving about. Essentially, it involves layering your beauty products to lock in moisture and prevent epidermal water loss. You start by applying lighter, more watery products on damp skin before working your way up to heavier creams. For example, you’ll start by wetting the skin with water or a facial mist then apply a lightweight serum followed by a thick, heavy moisturising cream. This technique is perfect if you're dealing with dry skin from mask-wearing and hair woes from humidity or excessive styling. 

Achieve ultimate hydration with the help of these picks for your skin and hair by trying the trend with the help of these picks.

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

After cleansing, help your skin absorb moisture with a light toner or essence like the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion. It contains four types of hyaluronic acid as well as ceramide and amino acids that help the skin retain moisture. Because of this, it keeps the skin cells plump and firm, giving it a more youthful appearance.

belif Youth Creator-Age Knockdown Bomb Jumbo

A potent hydrating serum like the belif Youth Creator-Age Knockdown Bomb Jumbo is the filling to your moisture sandwich. Aside from hydrating the skin, this anti-ageing serum promises to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while overall improving its smoothness. It also has winter aster and belif's Key and Anti-aging Formulas that offer exfoliation and soothing perks, in addition to daily anti-pollution protection.

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Junpaku Senka White Beauty Serum and Lotion II

If you want to use products that work synergistically to hydrate your skin, look no further. The Junpaku Senka White Beauty Serum and Lotion II features the best of nature and science: Shiseido's NATU-ENCE Formulation™ works with a moisturising blend of double hyaluronic acid, white cocoon essence, rice bran oil, honey, sakura leaf extract and Japanese mugwort to deliver a flood of moisture to your skin. Oh, did we mention it has skin brightening perks too?

dprogram Balance Care Lotion and Emulsion

If your moisture barrier gets disrupted — tell-tale signs include dryness and excessive sebum, even maskne — then you should turn to gentle skincare solutions to help it bounce back faster. dprogram's Balance Care Lotion and Emulsion do just that by restoring hydration, balancing the skin's oiliness, and soothing skin irritation with just two steps. Plus, it helps to reduce the visibility of enlarged pores too.

Kinohimitsu Collagen Green Caviar

Skin is at its healthiest when it's moisturised inside and out. So aside from your trusty topicals, add beauty supplements like the Kinohimitsu Collagen Green Caviar to boost your hydration from within. Made with green caviar, a.k.a. edible seaweed, it prevents water loss, boosts collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity and plumpness, and reduces skin inflammation too. 


Did you know there's a thing called "edible moisturiser"? The ORBIS DEFENCERA is ingestible skincare made for head-to-toe hydration. It's formulated to boost the production of ceramides that fill the cracks between skin cells and safeguards your skin's moisture. One sachet and five seconds are all you need for 24 hours of full-body moisture protection every day.

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KUNDAL Hair Care

Think a moisture sandwich is just for your skin? Au contraire! Your hair needs moisturising too. After all, it fights with humidity, heat, and pollution on a regular basis. You need to pamper it with the right haircare routine to keep it healthy. Luckily, KUNDAL's range of shampoos, treatments, and hair essences are here to nourish scalp to ends. All these have a luxuriously hydrating macadamia oil base that’s infused with a blend of proteins and natural extracts. The result: a shiny, healthy head of hair everyone will envy.

Enjoy 15 per cent off on your KUNDAL purchases over SGD50 with the code KUND10727 from 15 April to 16 July 2021.

In a hot and humid climate like ours, hydration is very important! Whether it's through supplements or beauty products, a moisture sandwich helps you achieve the glow that comes from overall hydration.

(Cover photo from: Makuku Studio via Unsplash)

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