Makeup Brands For The Men In Your Life

Because beauty knows no gender

While makeup for men is quite sparse outside of the typical grooming products, there are some options out there. Makeup is not just for women — must we really go "gendering" cosmetics? In fact, you may be interested to know that in history, both men and women would utilise makeup to add colour and definition to their face. Conventionally feminine makeup products like blush and eyeliner (or rouge and kohl) were used by men as early as the time of the ancient Egyptians.

So what are the benefits of incorporating makeup for men in one's daily grooming? For one, they can use complexion products to even out their skintone from redness and dark areas. Another would be using a clear brow gel or eyebrow pencil to define and fill in their brows. For blemishes, a good concealer will come in handy before a business presentation. If we got you hooked, read on to discover makeup brands that cater specifically to men. (Tip: You just might find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him!)


This Japanese makeup brand was launched in Japan in 2018 with a full line-up of cosmetics for men. The maiden collection included foundation sticks, tinted lip products, and guyliners. One of the unique features of FIVEISM x THREE is the foundation formulas which have a drier formulation to address the sebum male skin produces more of compared to females’. According to the Guardian, the secret to the success of male-centric cosmetics is in the formulations as they need to last longer.

Boy de Chanel

Chanel turned heads when they released a makeup line exclusively made for men. The luxury brand launched the new makeup line with the belief that “beauty knows no gender”. Currently, Boy de Chanel offers foundations, eyebrow pencils, and lip balms that serve to define and even out male features.

Tom Ford for Men

Aside from their clothes, watches, and colognes, Tom Ford also has offerings from their beauty line for their male customers. Its men’s beauty collection has products like conventional lip balms and concealers to more novel items like beard oil and bronzing gels. Guys also need to be treated in style, too.


This cosmetics brand was the first to introduce corrective cosmetics tailored specifically to the skin needs of guys. Their Camo Concealer is designed to withstand the higher oil production in male skin, while promising to remain undetectable once applied. No-makeup makeup for the dudes who trust Menaji!


Stryx made waves when it came out with a tinted moisturiser and concealer tool. Two products to hold up an entire company? It’s possible. One of the unique selling points is the sleek and unobtrusive packaging design utilised in all their products. Men's cosmetics usually have unassuming, very typical masculine packaging, according to the Guardian. Black, matte, and cleverly disguised, Stryx wants to give men that boost of confidence you can get from clear skin. Razor burns? Gone. Acne? Nada. Redness? Forget about it.

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