5 Local Makeup Artists That Deserve A Follow On IG

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The local makeup scene has been thriving lately. We think it's largely because of the presence of talented local makeup artists who have become influencers in their own right. As more brands turn their sights to makeup artists for collaborations, we'll be seeing a lot more creative looks storming our social media platforms. If you feel like your Instagram feed needs a little refresh or you’re currently looking for a new source of inspiration, these folks are the ones to follow.

Jharna Bhagwani

She may be young, but we can’t deny that Jharna Bhagwani is brimming with talent! The 17-year-old from Indonesia has several viral makeup videos on TikTok and Instagram — especially the Barbie Girl challenge she initiated. Jharna’s makeup looks vary from sweet, everyday looks to hyperrealistic artistry that boggles the mind.

Follow her for: Entertaining makeup videos with seamless editing and creative results. The infectious energy in Jharna's videos has us bopping along with her.

Hammada Bamadhaj

If you’ve heard the name Hammada Bamadhaj, you’re on the right track. NYX Malaysia’s FACE Awards Artist of The Year 2019's Instagram feed is filled with graphic imagery that has us marvelling over the power of makeup. This local makeup artist constantly pushes the boundaries of makeup with his work and we’re eager to see what else he has to offer.

Follow him for: Dramatically styled shots. Each makeup look Hammada does has its own story to tell and will leave you captivated and going back for more.

Anthea Bueno

At a time when matte skin was all the rage, Anthea Bueno came in and changed the game. Known for her dewy skin looks, she makes every client's skin look like it’s lit from within. Her work has been seen everywhere on social media and on the billboards of Metro Manila. She also makes some awesome editorial looks that put a spotlight on the model’s arresting gaze by using glosses and lid lacquers.

Follow her for: Inspiration for your regular, everyday makeup looks. Anthea places importance in layering your skincare and slowly building on your base to create a glowing, dewy complexion.

Melvin Tseng

Another local makeup artist that deserves a follow would be Melvin Tseng from Singapore. He serves colourful, creative, and out-of-this-world looks with every post. From the glamourous to the macabre, Melvin's looks stand out from the crowd.

Follow him for: Graphic eye looks. While Melvin’s works are amazing as a whole, we can’t help but keep going back to the attention-grabbing eye makeup he comes up with.

Sylvina Lopez

To cap off this list, we have Sylvina Lopez, a self-taught local makeup artist based in Manila. Her style can only be described as ethereal and imaginative. Sylvina’s use of three-dimensional mediums combined with dreamy hues always transport us to a fairytale land or a sci-fi movie. Fantastical looks? She has them in spades.

Follow her for: Intricate details. Each placement of a decal or a gold leaf and the crisp brush strokes shows how artistic this gal could be.

(Cover photo from: pixabay.com)

Here are some more mystical makeup looks we love.

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