Watch These If You Need A Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Look Idea

Inspired by TV & movie characters

Thinking of easy last-minute Halloween makeup ideas? Good news! We’ve got a list of tutorials meant to help you achieve the looks of your favourite TV shows and films. 

Forget about prosthetics or face paint. You can easily recreate these pop culture-inspired looks with products already in your vanity. P.S. You can totally wear these looks even if it’s not Halloween!

Sae Byeok/Player 067 from Squid Game makeup tutorial

Sae Byeok a.k.a. Player 067 from Squid Game is definitely one of the most memorable characters on the show because of her wit, badassery, and intriguing backstory. And it seems like she’s getting the love from audiences both onscreen and offscreen; Jung Hoyeon, the actress who played the character, is now South Korea’s most followed female personality on Instagram. If you’re obsessed with her as much as, well, the rest of the world, then what better way to show it than being her for Halloween?

Ace the look: YouTuber Raiza Contawi showed how to channel Sae Byeok’s “haggard” look from the show by using layers of Sunnies Face Eye Crayons (~USD6.76 each) to recreate the character’s facial features. Raiza also shared tips on how to mimic Sae Byeok’s natural freckles using eyeshadows and makeup spray to make the details pop.

Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body makeup tutorial

ICYMI, Megan Fox is having a renaissance in 2021. This newfound appreciation for the actress had people revisiting her previous film roles, including the iconic Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body. The cheerleader-slash-flesh-eating-demon from Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota stuns with her fierce eyes and glossed-up lips as she lures her potential victims.

Ace the look: For this last-minute Halloween makeup look idea, YouTuber bunnyandfawn went for a smoked-out wing eye makeup and a pink matte lip topped with a ton of gloss. The content creator also put on a DIY Jennifer cheerleading outfit to go with her look. But if you want to keep it simple, just grab a lighter (wink, wink!) and own the sultry yet scary vibe of his character. Get the look with the help of the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Mini Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette (~USD31.68), Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in Inspirer (~USD5.05), and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Mauve Wive$ (~USD22.77).

Emily Cooper from Emily In Paris makeup tutorial

Emily In Paris is more known for its fashion. But to fully channel the show’s main character Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), recreating her makeup is a must too. One of Emily’s go-to looks in the series involves a bold lip that works well with her naturally strong brows and wide-eyed peepers. This combo perfectly matches her curious and upbeat personality. And chances are, you already have the products to recreate the look even at the last minute.

Ace the look: YouTuber Jackie Wyers, who described Emily’s usual makeup as “inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face,” recreated the character’s ‘opera scene’ makeup look by putting emphasis on her arches and going with fanned out lashes. She also gave tips on how to contour the nose to recreate Emily’s thinner nose bridge (which makes a huge difference in photos if you want to really nail the character’s look), so make sure you pay extra attention to that. Viseart’s Neutral Mattes Palette (~USD88.19) has all the shades you need to nail the nose trick Jackie mentioned in the video.

Seo Dan from Crash Landing On You makeup tutorial

K-drama makeup is usually natural and simple. However, Crash Landing On You’s Seo Dan (Seo Ji-Hye) definitely left an impression with her signature short but sharp-winged eye look that matches her ice queen personality. She wraps up the look with a barrette on the opposite side of her side part.

Ace the look: YouTuber Hiyena did a stellar job in creating a Seo Dan-inspired makeup look; she nailed not just the eyes but also the character’s go-to pink lip. P.S. Make sure you turn on the subtitles for Hiyena’s tips on perfecting Seo Dan’s natural but slightly thicker brows, especially if you have sparse arches. Benefit’s Precisely My Brow Pencil (~USD28.43) is a product to consider for the job!

Daphne Bridgerton from Bridgerton makeup tutorial

A new leading lady will be introduced in Bridgerton’s upcoming season. But that doesn’t mean we’ve already forgotten about Season 1’s fresh-faced Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor). Daphne’s soft, rosy-cheeked look matches her innocent and dainty persona. The simplicity of her go-to look makes it the perfect last-minute Halloween makeup idea to recreate.

Ace the look: YouTuber Jbunzie demonstrated how to create Daphne’s look in five minutes, putting the emphasis on the character’s porcelain-like complexion. She also gave tips on how to get Daphne’s full brows and defined without making them look too sharp. Check out these base, face, and other makeup products used by the official makeup artist of the show to nail the look. 

Halloween makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be scary; it’s all about having fun and celebrating the joy that comes with being someone else for the day. And yes, you don’t need to have extravagant face tools to join in on the fun. Enjoy! 

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