Alicia Keys’ Brand Is Expanding With A Makeup-Skincare Hybrid Collection

The collection aims to enhance your natural beauty

Alicia Keys famously swore off makeup in 2016, but it looks like she’s finding her way back into it. Her brand, Keys Soulcare, has launched the Make You Collection which features makeup-skincare hybrids that are designed to “unlock the beauty that's already inside you”.

Alicia Keys wore Keys Soulcare’s Make You Collection at the MET Gala.

Meet the Make You Collection

The “Make You” collection features four products. First is the Soft Stay Brow Gel (USD15/~SGD21) which is a clear defining eyebrow gel that provides a soft, no-crunch finish. Next is the Comforting Tinted Lip Balm (USD18/~SGD25), a moisturising lip balm that provides sheer colour; it’s available in six shades. There’s also the cruelty-free Natural Flush Complexion Brush (USD18/~SGD25) which comes in a flattened dome shape for easy blending. Finally, you’ve got the Sheer Flush Cheek Tint (USD22/~SGD31) infused with skin-caring sunflower seed oil which is available in eight shades, from bright oranges to warm reds.

Alicia Keys described the collection as a “bridge between skincare and colour”.

Where to buy Keys Soulcare’s Make You Collection in Singapore

Colourful pots of blush-on makeup called Sheer Flush Blush against white background.

Sheer Flush Blush is one of the must-haves from the collection.

The Make You Collection is now available on Keys Soulcare’s website which offers shipping to Singapore (in 10-13 business days for regular shipping, 6-9 business days for express shipping).

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