Try Re-Creating These Cute Instagram Filter-Inspired Makeup Looks

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Makeup trends have come and gone but the latest one gaining popularity are Instagram filter makeup looks. While these filters were used to just smoothen out your complexion (an IG-ready artificial makeup look, if you will), there are new filters that make you look like a true work of art. From designs like graffiti art, brand logos and stickers, Instagram filters have ascended to a whole new level. So we’re not surprised that makeup enthusiasts have taken to re-creating these filters IRL. 

Before you feel guilty about “not using your time wisely”, we’re of the opinion that creative activities — like experimenting with makeup — will never be a waste of time. After all, you never know when or where you’ll get that spark of inspiration. So if you've been struck by the makeup bug, here are some cute and insanely creative makeup looks inspired by popular Instagram filters you can try — we definitely would like to try these ourselves.

Graffiti artist

A girl with graffiti-inspired makeup
(Photo from: Krysticism)

Clozetter Krysticism, a professional makeup artist, caught our attention with her graffiti-inspired work. While we won't be whipping out a spray can, we're channelling the bold art style through the neon-coloured doodles that make this filter-inspired look worthy of being on our feed. As a bonus, it also has the faux freckle detail that’s really popular among makeup lovers right now. This would be a nice way to zone out while still be productive with our downtime.

Try it if: Grungier, less cutesy makeup is right up your alley. While there's nothing wrong with looking kawaii, you just appreciate strong, bold looks more.

Yellow glow

While we have our colourful eyeshadow palettes out, we might as well do a bright-hued one! This Instagram filter makeup look by @charsyramos_ may look simple but blending the flowers to mimic freckles really inspire us. The pop of yellow on her eyes and cheeks really add a glow to her skin. Merging the different orange and yellow powders together will take a lil' bit of arm work, but we don't mind the extra effort.

Try it if: You feel very, very, very passionate about your favourite colour. From purple to blue to green and every other colour of the rainbow, this is a look that can easily be replicated in any other shade of your choice. If you happen to pair it with a corresponding outfit, who are we to judge?

Butterfly frenzy

Speaking of spring season vibes, have you seen the adorable butterfly filters? YouTuber Fei Lee re-created the cute Instagram filter in this makeup look. Though deceptively simple, it took her some time to draw, outline, and fill in the butterflies to perfection — which is a perfect way of spending your afternoon. We also love the contrast of the matte eyeshadows in the butterflies and the glitter on her eyes. This is a popular version of the filter makeup trend, often appearing in different pastel colours.

Try it if: You'd actually classify yourself as a soft girl. Oversized sweaters, pastel tones, and floral patterns describe your personal style. Butterflies just seem like a perfect fit.

Cloudy skies

Remember the cloud makeup trend? Well, it’s a popular look in Instagram filter recreations. YouTuber James Charles was one of the first to do a look inspired by the cloudy day Instagram filter by @briann and it eventually kickstarted the trend. Later versions don’t stick to the conventional blue and white colour scheme — just take a look at this pretty pink skies look by @daalooks. Tip: Be careful with how you outline your cloud shapes as it can easily go wonky. Practice patience and take your time, it'll be worth it in the end!

Try it if: You're missing the great outdoors. We can only see the clear and sunny skies from our backyard or windows right now, but that doesn't mean we can't capture its beauty through makeup.

Neon aliens

Since we’re on the topic of heavenly bodies, we’d like to try our hand at replicating the alien filter by @mashalovaa for a true out-of-this-world (pun intended) look. The original filter featured alien heads with neon pink eyes. We’re fans of how @bbly.unicorn used pink blush and hot pink eyeshadow to bring in the bright hue. Using the white face paint to draw on the alien heads and a graphic eyeliner gets kudos from us! We wouldn't mind spending hours drawing aliens on our face if it looks half as good as hers.

Try it if: You have a taste for all things sci-fi and fantasy. There's something eerie about painting on a supernatural figure on your face, but hey, we're all about embracing the weird and unknown. SFX makeup, anyone?

Glitter tears

As our swan song, we’re going to give these glitter tears a try. Inspired by another @mashalovaa Instagram filter, this makeup look challenges us to use different products. Do we go for loose glitter? How about packing on glitter pigments? Since we know that glitter can get everywhere, we'd be very careful in applying it to our face and so should you. Whichever type of glitter we end up choosing, we’re definitely going to take a selfie during golden hour to really get some nice refraction.

Try it if: Glamour and sparkles speak to your soul. You're more comfortable decked out in bling than in plain clothes — glitter running down your cheeks is the only thing that's missing from your look. Also, doesn't it give some serious Euphoria vibes?

(Cover photo from: @feishlee)

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