How The Latest Clarins Double Serum Differs From Its Predecessors

Generation 8 is here

In 1985 at the Clarins Laboratories, Jacques Courtin-Clarins and one of his researchers discussed making the best skincare product in the world. They lingered on the idea of putting all of the essential skincare ingredients in one bottle. "But that's impossible. We wouldn’t be able to include all of the ingredients in just one product; they could never ‘cohabitate,’" said the researcher. 

So what solution did Jacques Courtin-Clarins come up with? Separate non-cohabiting ingredients into two vials. And that's the story of how Clarins Double Serum came to be. Fast forward to 2017, the beloved product has gone through several reincarnations — eight to be exact. So what's new with its latest version? Read on to find out.

A research breakthrough

Almost all great formulas are based on brilliant research, and the Clarins Double Serum is no exception. Recently, the Clarins research team identified a cellular “listening system” that has never been explored: lipid microdomains, also referred to as lipid “rafts,” located in the cell’s membrane. These lipid microdomains are responsible for getting signals from the environment so that the skin can react accordingly. If these lipid microdomains decrease in number due to the natural ageing process, exposure to UV rays and oxidative stress, then the cells can't "hear" properly, thus, respond poorly. 

According to the research, the disruption of the cells' vital functions (regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection) is linked to skin ageing. The Generation 8 Clarins Double Serum was created with this mind.

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To reinforce the skin's cellular expression, all of Clarins' most recent plant discoveries are included in the latest version of the Double Serum. In response to their latest discovery, they have added Turmeric extract to the roster of premium plant extracts and plant-based ingredients. The prized component of the Turmeric extract is its high concentration of a molecule called Turmerone. This molecule is effective in facilitating interaction between the plant and its environment. When applied to the skin, it can protect the lipid microdomains to ensure they function properly. 

The other 20 ingredients included in the new formula are organic banana extract, myrothamnus extract, avocado unsaponifables, red jania, teasel extract, organic goji berry extract, beautyberry extract, horse chestnut extract, organic kiwi extract, organic mary's thistle oil, organic leaf of life extract, organic quinoa extract, organic marsh samphire extract, cocoa extract, mango extract, huang qi extract, ginger lily extract, organic edelweiss extract, orthosiphon extract and organic oat sugars.

Smart packaging

If you're a jet-setter, you'll love this new dial feature in the packaging. Now, you can adjust the push button to customize the amount of product to be dispensed. If you're currently in a cold climate (or have dry skin), opt for the first dial. When you're in places with warmer temperatures (or you have oily skin), use the second dial. So simple yet amazing, right? 

So, what do you think of the new and improved Clarins Double Serum? 

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The 8th generation editionClarins Double Serum comes in 30ml ($125) and 50ml ($170) bottles and will be available at all authorized Clarins counters in Singapore starting 31 August. 

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