Here's How To Do The Trending Fox Eye Makeup Look

Instant brow lift

The fox eye makeup trend, while refreshing, is not really new. After all, the winged liner has been present in makeup looks since the time of Cleopatra and became more popular in the '60s. So what makes it trendier now? Perhaps it's in pairing it with a straight brow.

Straight brows make us look more youthful, compared to the perfectly arched style that beauty gurus used to do. But it's also difficult to go against the natural shape of your brow. On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, for example, there are videos of girls shaving off the ends of their brows just to create the brow shape. But do we really need to resort to that to get the look? With some makeup magic, we don't have to. 

Straight brows are key


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A key aspect of the fox eye makeup look is the straight, slanted eyebrow, which tilts upwards to your temples. This creates the illusion of making your face appear tight, toned, and lifted. "But which eyebrow product should I use?" It's a matter of preference. If you prefer a more natural look, an eyebrow pencil, powder, or gel will do. But if you want it to look bold and strong, you should pick up an eyebrow pomade. If you see any hairs peeking through, use some concealer to hide them and subtly highlight your brow bone.

Contour your eyes


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Once you’re satisfied with how your brows look, it’s time to focus on your eyes; make them look more feline. If you're lucky to have almond-shaped eyes, you're already half-way there. For those who have rounder eye shapes, this will require some finesse. Some tutorials suggest pulling back your hair tightly, which stretches the skin around your eyes. We wouldn't recommend this since you might destroy your hairline with the tight pressure and also make the thin skin around the eye area more taught, which means eventual wrinkles and fine lines. Instead, use some light brown eyeshadow to make your eyes look longer.

Do a winged liner and some tightlining

Don't forget the winged liner! It is, after all, a staple in any cat-eye makeup. You can opt to use black eyeshadow powder for this as a final step in contouring your eyes. But if you want it to look more dramatic, use a black liquid liner. A thin wing and some tightlining in the inner corner will elongate your eyes. You could also take a pencil eyeliner and apply it on your upper lash line in preparation for the next step.

Choose the right lashes

Since this look focuses on the eyes, your lashes need to look bomb as well. There are several ways to do this. You can pack on the mascara on the outer second half of your eye. Follow the thickness of your eyeliner to determine how voluminous your lashes should be. Another option is using false eyelashes. You can go with one that's longer and thicker on the outer edge for a quick application. Or you could also go for the singles and place them strategically on the outer half of your lashes. If you don't have both of that, take your regular falsies and place them a little farther away from the inner corner of your eye. Doing so really opens up and emphasises the feline gaze you’re trying to achieve.

Bronze it up


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Though the fox eye makeup look mainly highlights your eyes and brows, you can go the extra step of contouring the rest of your face. Do cheek contouring to achieve the carved and toned cheeks Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have recently popularised this trend, sport. Not a fan of contouring? A light bronzer would do. Apply some on your cheeks and temples then follow it up with a layer of translucent setting powder underneath. Don't forget to apply some natural-looking blush and highlighter to make your skin glow. 

Will you try this new makeup trend?

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