FAVE 5: Daring Beauty

Be bold

All those months spent indoors really opened up a lot of people to experimenting with daring beauty looks. From a strong eyeliner to bright-coloured eyeshadow, natural makeup looks are taking the backseat for now. We're all about the glitter, facepaint, and colour this time around. Here are some of the standout makeup looks from the Clozette Community that you could also try.

Colour-blocking eyeshadow

A girl wearing a daring beauty look with blue and orange eyeshadow
(Photo from: penmyblog)

Floral face paint

A girl with a flower-inspired daring beauty look
(Photo from: CocoManuel)

Bold eyeliner

A girl wearing the daring beauty look of bold black eyeliner
(Photo from: TheLeiaV)

Graphic art

A daring beauty look using liquid eyeliner
(Photo from: Krysticism)

Pastel purple lipstick

A daring beauty look with pastel purple lipstick
(Photo from: juliaantoinette)

(Cover photo from: @penmyblog)

Take a peek at other Community members' vanities.

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