Baby Yoda, Sailor Moon & More: Our Fave Colourpop Beauty Collabs

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Lippies and lip trends were all the rage in the past couple of years, especially since the hype of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit became the next big thing in beauty. However, 2020 saw a major shift when face masks became a part of our daily essentials. Lips were no longer the focal point of today’s beauty looks and eye makeup have been given more emphasis.

This pivot may have been the catalyst to interesting eye makeup collabs this year, with Colourpop providing some of the most affordable yet covetable curations. Just recently, they revealed their Baby Yoda palette in collaboration with Disney’s The Mandalorian (it's officially called 'The Child' but we're calling it the Baby Yoda palette for obvious, cute reasons).

It may seem a bit late considering the Baby Yoda meme was a 2019 thing, but if we’re being honest, even we can’t resist both the cuteness of the character and how promising the palette looks.

The palette features cool earthy tones that are perfect for both daily looks and maybe a little bit of experimenting, coming right in time for Halloween. This inspired us to look back at some of Colourpop’s 2020 pop-culture beauty collaborations. Scroll on to see if our favourites match yours!

Hocus Pocus x Colourpop 

Speaking of Halloween, this Hocus Pocus palette couldn’t have come at a better time. While the movie itself is considered a commercial bust, it still became a cult-favourite among fans of the occasion, making it a worthy pop-culture reference for a beauty collab of this calibre.

“The collection’s eyeshadow palette not only boasts a great mix of matte and shimmer textures but also features a few interesting, eye-catching shades as well,” said #TeamClozette Fashion Features Writer Sheryl. “The chartreuse-hued ‘Yabbos’ and ‘Bewitched’ look gorgeous, and I could also see myself wearing warmer colours such as ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ and ‘Coven’ on a daily basis.”

Sailor Moon x Colourpop

90s baby or not, you can’t deny that Colourpop’s collab with Sailor Moon is simply iconic. Everything about this collection screams throwback but still fitting for the more modern K-beauty and J-beauty flushed aesthetic of today.

#TeamClozette Features Writer Alyana listed this Colourpop tie-up as her fave, saying: “The palette just fits my personal taste of pink and purple eyeshadow shades, with ample glitters to create a magical look. The nostalgia factor also hit me hard when I saw the packaging. It's definitely on my Christmas wishlist this year!”

Disney's Mulan x Colourpop

“It’s been months since the last time my face touched makeup and I’ve been longing to put on some just for fun. After all, it's the perfect time to experiment with eyeshadows because no one’s gonna see if you mess up. That’s why I’m eyeing this bold Colourpop palette collab with Disney’s Mulan. The reds may look daunting but I’m ready to channel my inner beauty warrior to bring honour to you all,” mused #TeamClozette Senior Features Writer Therese

(Cover photo from: @colourpopcosmetics)

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