FAVE 5: Life Full Of Colour


Clean and sleek photos are cool and all, but it takes real mastery to create inviting colourful photos that make every hue pop and shine. Let our Clozette Community show you how colourful photography is done with these eye-catching snaps that will surely inspire your own creativity. 

Candied 'tips

colourful nail art
(Photo from: MelissaTowpich)

Jewel tones

girl with green hair and makeup
(Photo from: sherravyrhisia)


girl in yellow skirt surrounded by flowers
(Photo from: shuutravels)

Berry breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed
(Photo from: BellaAngeles)

One with the flora

girl in yellow dress
(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)

(Cover photo from: BellaAngeles)

Next, take notes on how to rock rosy lips with these photos.

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