FAVE 5: Makeup Masterpieces

A lil' colour and drama

Feeling bored or stuck in a rut? Maybe some makeup magic will do the trick. Channel your inner artist and come up with a colourful makeup look that will get your creative juices flowing. Take inspiration from your favourite shows or bring out the boldest lipstick in your collection. For some makeup inspo, here are makeup mavens from the Clozette Community.

Celestial angel

A girl with colourful makeup inspired by celestial angels
(Photo from: CocoManuel)

Green-lipped beauty

A girl wearing colourful makeup featuring green lipstick
(Photo from: czyphr)

Blue-eyed gal

A girl wearing colourful makeup with blue eyeshadow
(Photo from: penmyblog)

Queen of Hearts

A girl wearing colourful makeup inspired by the Queen of Hearts
(Photo from: hannahdacanay)

Pink glittery tears

A girl wearing colourful makeup with pink glittery tear tracks
(Photo from: tellemaywhy)

(Cover photo from: @hannahdacanay)

Next, here are the lipsticks we've been loving lately.

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