This New belif Duo Will Shield Your Skin From Free Radical Damage

New additions to the Super Drops - Hyalucid™ range

Pump your skin with hydration with belif’s latest additions to the Super Drops range: the Super Drops - Hyalucid duo. These two products are specifically formulated to bring back the skin’s lost moisture and maintain its hydration, while also targeting other skin issues caused by free radicals.

The belif Super Drops - HyalucidTM duo Water Treatment and 11% ampoule

The belif Super Drops - Hyalucid™ duo combines hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid to bring back your skin’s natural health and radiance.

belif Super Drops - Hyalucid™ duo formula, benefits

The Super Drops - Hyalucid™ duo is comprised of the Super Drops - Hyalucid™ Water Treatment and the Super Drops - Hyalucid™ 11% ampoule. The Water Treatment is a water-based toner that softens and hydrates the skin after cleansing, while the Hyalucid™ 11% ampoule helps with moisture retention and antioxidant care.

Both products combine hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid to help the skin repair from hyperpigmentation, inflammation, early signs of ageing, and other forms of free radical damage.

Where to buy the belif Super Drops - Hyalucid™ duo in Singapore

The Super Drops - Hyalucid™ Water Treatment (SGD57) and Super Drops - Hyalucid™ 11% (SGD108) are now available at selected THEFACESHOP Nature Collection stores, online at THEFACESHOP - Nature Collection e-Store, and the official belif stores on Shopee and Lazada.

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