Is The ‘Among Us’ Game The New Beauty Trend?

An unexpected development

If you haven’t heard of Among Us, the latest game obsession taking over the Internet, here’s a quick lowdown. The online multiplayer video game — available on Android and iOS — pits players against one another, with one or two players appointed as the Imposter (the alien hiding in the crew ship) and the others as Crewmates designated to find him. Crewmates scramble to fix the ship’s various issues while the Imposter goes around eliminating them one-by-one and evading discovery.

It was only a matter of time before Among Us-inspired makeup popped up on our feeds. Here are some of the best looks so far because we’re sure there will be more especially with Halloween coming up.


A cutesy version of this recent beauty trend, you could incorporate all of the Crewmate colours by going the rainbow route. Since the game could accommodate 10 players at a time, there’s a whole range of colours to choose from. Break out your most colourful palettes and blending brushes — this will test your patience but the final look will be worth it!

Get the look: Use the colourful shades in the VISEART Grande PRO Volume 3 Eyeshadow Palette (SGD268/~USD197.28) to create a bright and vibrant version of this look.

Killer winged eyeliner

The current most popular Among Us makeup look is the winged eyeliner that morbidly pierces through a suspicious Crewmate. It seems the fave victim (or culprit) is the red-coloured Crewmate — inspiring the game’s unofficial “red is sus” tagline —  because it’s heavily featured in a lot of makeup looks. Since the crimson colour allows makeup lovers to lean into bloody and gory looks, we’re not surprised at all.

Get the look: Whip up the fine brush of the KVD Vegan Beauty Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner in Outlaw and Trooper (SGD19.20/~USD14.13) to achieve the knife-sharp winged liner and to colour in the Crewmate.

Imposter makeup and get-up

If you’re not a Crewmate, then you’re the Imposter everyone’s looking for. One of the best Among Us Imposter makeup looks we’ve come across was made by Abby Roberts, a makeup influencer that creates spooky and horror-inspired looks on TikTok and YouTube. She hopped on the beauty trend with this misleadingly simple yet very artistic interpretation of the Imposter — helmet and all.

Get the look: Glide on the creamy hues in the Makeup Revolution Revolution Halloween Ultimate Face Paint Palette (USD9). It has white, black, and two different shades of red that you can mix for this terrifying look.

Fiery graphic eyeshadow

Whenever an Imposter kills a Crewmate and the body is discovered, the alarm will be sounded alerting the other Crewmates that it’s time to vote out a member. The alert is characterised by a white fire/slashing animation, which the Among Us makeup trend has turned into a graphic eyeshadow look.

Get the look: The Sundays Beauty Meteor Liner in Helene (PHP349/~USD7.22) will make your eyes stand out. The water-activated formula has a very opaque finish and will not budge at all.

Out-of-this-world looks

So what happens when the Crewmates think you’re the Imposter? Since you’re all in the spaceship, those voted as the most suspicious gets thrown out to float in space. Some people took this and created space-centric Among Us makeup looks. There are a lot of ways to join in the trend, so let your creative juices flow.

Get the look:  With the NYX Professional Makeup Metallic Glitter in Beauty Beam (SGD11/~USD8.10), instead of white splatters mimicking the appearance stars, to add another dimension to this out-of-this-world look.

(Cover photo from: @abbyroberts)

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