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Cosme overload

Looking for newer beauty picks apart from mainstream Western brands and K-beauty? Then why not go down the rabbit hole that is the J-beauty community? Aside from aesthetically pleasing curations that are oh-so-kawaii, these J-beauty Instagram accounts will have you discovering trends and under-the-radar beauty brands that will surely inspire your next shopping haul.


Quick trivia! Did you know that in Japan, they often refer to makeup us ‘cosme’ — short for cosmetics? That said, the name of this IG account is as straightforward as it can get. If you’re the type to ‘freak out’ over new and exciting makeup finds, this is the account to follow. From beauty releases to sales and swatches, you’ll be treated to a feast while swiping through their posts. Most of the graphics are in Japanese, of course, but their captions are well-detailed and can easily be translated with Instagram’s auto-translate option.


If you prefer quick videos as a visual reference, this account is the one to hit the ‘follow’ button on. From short makeup tutorials to nail art hacks and random swatches, this account overcomes the language barrier with their easy-to-follow content.

Another hub for quick J-beauty tutorial videos, this account is perfect for when you’re looking for the next most interesting beauty tool to add to cart. Japan is known for their ingenious beauty contraptions, from nifty fringe trimmers to cute but functional skincare devices, so you’ll never run out of interesting bits of beauty content to scroll through with this on your following list.

Looking for the best dupes for luxury beauty finds? Make sure you have this account on your Instagram feed. From face and body care to makeup, beauty tools and even homeware picks, this account showcases a comparison of prices for very similar products, plus some pros and cons to each pick. Again, the descriptions are mostly in Japanese, but they also include each product mentioned in the captions of the post as well for easy deciphering.


Speaking of dupes and coming up with interesting curations of picks, this last account on our list delivers both. Aside from comparing products of similar features yet varying price points, this account also covers product comparisons, reviews, rankings and occasional tutorials and swatch videos, making for a holistic account to follow when talking about J-beauty finds.

(Cover photo from: Amy Shemblen via Unsplash)

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