FAVE 5: Beauty Texture

Zooming in

Sometimes, it's the most random and most unusual things that pique our curiosity. Case in point: zoomed-in beauty. As with the mildly-repulsive-yet-extremely-satisfying pimple-popping vids and microscope beauty vlogs, we can't take our eyes off macro snaps of our fave beauty products. It's just extremely soothing to investigate how the beauty textures we've come to love look up close. Check out our some of our fave close-up beauty shots from the Clozette Community below. 

Pearly primer

Close-up beauty shots of Guerlain Meteorite primer
(Photo from: KireiMakeup)

Bubbly mask

Close-up shot of Mediheal - Whitening Bubble Tox Serum Mask
(Photo from: MelissaTowpich)

Viridescent gel

Macro beauty shot of celimax The Real Noni Energy Ampoule
(Photo from: sammieskin)

Powdery lippie

Close up of fmgt Rouge Powder Matte
(Photo from: Ryanraroar)

Honey cushion

cClose-up beauty shots of Peach C Honey Glow Cover Cushion
(Photo from: itsmehanah)

(Cover photo from: KireiMakeup)

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