3 Reasons To Watch The Thrilling Netflix Series ‘House Of Ninjas’

A binge-worthy J-series

House of Ninjas is the latest Japanese TV series to steal our hearts and various countries around the world. It landed the second spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English TV list. Ready to find out the secrets to its success? Check out its cast, plot, and three reasons why you should add this show to your watchlist. 

House of Ninjas: cast, plot, review

Secrets, spies, and suspense. (Photo from: @netflixsg)

House of Ninjas: cast, plot, trailer, and more

In this series, ninjas AKA shinobis, are alive and well, hiding in the shadows in modern-day Japan. They were once secret agents of the feudal era and were known for their skills during wartime and for carrying out assassinations.

The central family — the Tawara clan — struggles to live a normal life and blend in. But they cannot stay in the dark when their enemies, the Fuma, appear and threaten their world.

Look forward to the performance of Kento Kaku as Haru of the Tawara family — a brilliant ninja dealing with a traumatic past. Other cast members include Yosuke Eguchi as Haru’s father Soichi, Tae Kimura as his mother Yoko, Kengo Kora as his older brother Gaku, Aju Makita as his older sister Nagi, Nobuko Miyamoto as the grandmother, and Tenta Banka as the youngest son Riku. 

House of Ninjas: cast, plot review

Kento Kaku as Haru Tawara and Riho Yoshioka as Karen Ito. (Photo from: netflix.com)

Outside of the family, Riho Yoshioka portrays the character of the ever-curious reporter Karen Ito, Tomorowo Taguchi plays Jin Hamashima, an official of a secret government organisation called the Bureau of Ninja Management, and Bambi Naka as Ayame, one of the highly skilled members of the Fuma clan.

3 reasons to watch House of Ninjas

1. The ordinary-looking family with extraordinary skills

House of Ninjas is centred on an endearing family that is far from perfect. You’ll be drawn to them because of their flaws, unique personalities, and secrets that will keep you engaged throughout the show. You’ll root for them and wonder if their characters will overcome their personal issues and connect with each other while trying to save their nation.

2. The twists and turns of the show

The show starts slowly as it covers a lot of world-building and presents various intricate mysteries. But as the story moves forward, you’ll find yourself enjoying the revelations and of course, the fight scenes of the show. You’ll also can’t help but tune into how the romance progresses between the reluctant hero Haru and the reporter Karen.

3. The soundtrack

The song choices for the series elevated the experience of watching the show. Some of the scenes would bring you to the edge of your seat while haunting music played. In other moments of the series, the music gives a lighthearted and sometimes comedic feel to help you breathe in between the darker events in the story. 

House of Ninjas: season 2 news and where to watch it in Singapore

House of Ninjas has a lot of room for more stories that can revolve around other ninja clans who survived. There’s no official news yet from Netflix, but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll update this space once an official announcement is revealed. 

You can now stream all eight episodes of this exciting show on Netflix.

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