7 Chic And Practical Sustainable Gifts Your Gal Pals Will Love

For the ladies you love

Forget about having a white Christmas. This coming holiday season we’re all about going green. Giving sustainable gifts isn’t as hard to do as you might think. Gone are the days when you need to search high and low for the perfect eco-friendly present. There are now an array of choices that are readily available and as chic as they are practical. Ahead, we list down sustainable gift ideas that ladies in your life would love to receive.

Breeze For You Menstrual Cup

Looking for a gift that’s more practical but incredibly useful than sentimental? Go for a menstrual cup — but not just any cup. Look for a vagina-safe menstrual cup that’s made with 100% medical-grade FDA-approved silicone like the Breeze Cup from Breeze For You. You can also choose the Breeze Ultimate Combo which comes with a collapsible storage container and sterilization tablets. Give the gift of hassle-free periods, fewer waste (bye pads!), and more savings. Learn more about it here.

Gentle Mood Celebratory Soap

When in doubt, you can always count on soap to be a universal pleaser. It’s a versatile sustainable gift that many people use everyday — especially these days when hand washing is emphasised. Choose a holiday-themed one to suit the cheerful mood of the season. Consider Gentle Mood’s Celebratory Soap which is made from upcycled soap cut-offs and infused with a relaxing blend of Geranium and Lavender scent.

RE:ERTH Illuminating Concentrate

Help your friend get their glow on this season by giving them an eco-friendly skincare product that targets dark spots and dull areas. Your best bet for this is RE:ERTH’s Illuminating Concentrate which is made with sustainably farmed Artonox® (Monkey Jack Heartwood Extract) and Oxyresveratrol, Japanese Spring Turmeric Leaf Extract and Cherry Blossom Flower Extract that work together to improve stubborn discolouration. RE:ERTH also has a convenient recycling method to properly dispose of the packaging once the product’s all used up.

MYË Ulla Bra

A reliable environmentally friendly sports bra makes for a perfect gift for your friend who’s into action-packed adventures. This stylish piece from MYË is suited for intense working out sessions thanks to its breathable stretchy fabric that’s made from up to 12 recycled water bottles. Aside from their product’s sustainable construction, MYË also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every order placed.

Rawbought Carezza Long Set Lace Pyjamas

Give the gift of comfort with chic loungewear that your friend will love to wear. Help her bid goodbye to ratty tees and say hello to this fashionable pyjama set from Rawbought. The lace-lined soft fabric is definitely what dreams are made of and your friend can sleep easy knowing that it’s made with sustainable fabrics that are ethically sourced.

Sunday Bedding Fields of Gold Bamboo Set

Your friend will surely appreciate a new fresh bedsheet to add to their rotation. Pick something with a chic design like this comfy bamboo bed sheet set from Sunday Bedding’s collaboration with fashion brand Ying The Label. It’s not just stylish, but it’s also produced ethically and sustainably by responsible partners. What’s more is that bamboo bed sheets are biodegradable so once it’s completely worn out it can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

ALDO Love Planet REV Sneakers

Leave a smaller environmental footprint by gifting a pair of ALDO Love Planet REV Sneakers. These eco-friendly shoes are designed with CleanStep™ technology which utilises naturally fast-growing algaes. The minimalist upper is sustainable as well and made from recycled jersey and neoprene materials. Construction-wise, each pair is created with about four plastic bottles. The result is a great lifestyle shoe that’s good for the feet and planet.

Which of these sustainable gifts would you give to the lovely ladies in your life?

This story was created in partnership with Breeze For You.

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