Auricle Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

The OG ear cuff placement

Thinking of getting a new ear piercing but not sure where to get it next? Why not on your auricle?

Auricle piercing location and aftercare

Auricle piercings are like helix piercings but are more visible. (Photo from: @barbulusz_piercing)

It’s a good place to put loops or classic studs because it’s easily visible. This placement also evokes edginess. It’s also located lower than your helix (ear fold), so you don’t need to put your hair up too much for it to show.

Curious to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about auricle piercing before you book an appointment at your favourite studio.

Where is the auricle located?

The auricle is found at the centre of your outer ear, below your helix and your earlobe.

Can all ear types get an auricle piercing?

Not all ears are the same; some people have very little space in their auricle area than others. The lack of space might give you fewer choices when it comes to studs to wear. With this, it’s best to consult your piercer if an auricle piercing is possible or if there are more ideal locations (your helix, maybe?) to get your desired ear piercing.

How much does an auricle piercing hurt?

The auricle piercing is within your ears’ cartilage, which means it hurts more than getting a stud on your earlobe. However, the cartilage in that area is still relatively thinner than the folds of your inner ear, making the pain levels milder.

Of course, this is still dependent on your personal pain tolerance, but getting an auricle piercing has less of that sharp pinch.

How long does it take for an auricle piercing to heal?

Just like any other piercing, the healing process for an auricle piercing varies from person to person. Factors such as the puncture size, piercing type, and aftercare may also affect your healing. The best estimate for an auricle piercing healing is three to nine months with proper care.

Auricle piercing pain and healing time

Auricle piercings usually take three to six months to heal, depending on a variety of factors.

What jewellery styles match an auricle piercing?

One option is classic loops, which give you that ear cuff effect. If you want something dainty, simple studs are also great picks. Barbells or labret studs which are recognisable by having ball-shaped tips are also ideal options for auricle piercings.

Jewellery for auricle piercing

When in doubt, go with a stud!

How do I care for my auricle piercing?

As with any other piercing, wearing studs to keep the hole open, especially during its healing months should be practised. Also, avoid touching the piercing while the wound is still fresh to not further damage the cartilage and the skin. Plus, make sure to carefully clean it with saline solution twice a day to prevent infections.

(Cover photo from: @barbulusz_piercing)

For more detailed information on pre-, during, and post-piercing procedures, check out our full guide here.

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