The 411 On Boyzilians, The Brazilian Wax For Men

For going hair-free down there

Did you know that there's also a Brazilian wax service made for men? It's called the Boyzilian and here's what you need to know about it.


What is a Boyzilian?


What is a Boyzilian?

'Cuz guys want to go hair-free down there too!


"A Boyzilian wax is the male variant of the famous Brazilian wax," shared a STRIP Ministry of Waxing senior therapist. "It's a form of personal grooming and hygiene-keeping that involves the depilation of hair from your pubic area, both front and back including the scrotum, penis, perineum and anus." So yes, all the hair down there will be gone after a boyzilian and leaves behind smooth skin!

The hairless benefits of Boyzilians can last up to two to three weeks. "Typically, most of our customers have their next treatment between three to six weeks after their last session, as the treatment requires a minimum of four to six millimetres in hair length."

But what makes it different from a regular Brazilian? "One obvious difference would be the different bodily areas being treated during Brazilians and Boyzilians. The skin folds and anatomy structure are completely different but the topnotch hygiene standards, techniques, tools and wax used are the same."

Boyzilian sessions also take longer than a Brazilian wax session. "A usual Brazilian session takes about 30 minutes whereas a Boyzilian session takes around 45 minutes. This is mostly attributed to hormonal differences causing men to have thicker and more prolific hair."

Why are more people getting boyzilians?


Shaving leg with razor

Boyzilians' effect lasts longer than regular shaving.


It's all a matter of people being more self-aware regarding personal grooming. "We definitely see a healthy increase in Boyzilians year on year as more are becoming aware of the growing grooming trends and would likely seek similar treatments to try out for themselves." Its results also last longer than typical shaving, which most people find convenient.

But there are also people with specific lifestyles or occupations who'd opt to go hair-free, such as athletes. "For instance, avid sportsmen would prefer to stay hairless to minimise friction in their underarm and nether region. Hair removal also helps to reduce body odours as it minimises the chance of sweat and bacteria trapped in your hair. This is especially true and applicable in the warm and humid Singapore environment. "

Men can also opt for a Boyzilian from the request of their partners, "Especially if their partner engages in similar forms of hair removal as well," our expert explained.

There's also a self-confidence boost that comes from getting a Boyzilian. "Many of our customers shared that they practice regular hair removal with us as they believed they looked better, cleaner and neater post-Boyzilian."

It's not just Boyzilians that are growing in popularity as a hair removal treatment among men. "STRIP’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) semi-permanent hair removal is also gaining popularity with our male customers. AFT uses beams of specially filtered light to weaken hair follicles, delaying hair growth or stopping a percentage of regrowth entirely, resulting in semi-permanent hair removal."

What to expect during a Boyzilian


waxing beads

Your beauty therapist will guide you through the whole process.


Like any other waxing session, a Boyzilian starts with a consultation where you ask your therapist any questions you have. Afterwards, you'll be asked to wipe yourself down. The therapist will do a second round of cleaning to ensure that no oils or leftover product residue will prevent the wax from clinging to the hairs.

"The therapists will be sure to guide your breathing throughout the process and also answer any other queries which you may have," shared our expert. You may also be given a squeezy toy to help you manage any nervousness. Once all the hair has been removed, a post-wax cream will be applied to help soothe and calm down your skin.

Wax strips

Take note of the aftercare tips so you won’t have to worry about skin issues later on.

You will then be briefed on the numerous dos and don'ts of post-wax care such as no hot baths, swimming, suntanning, using heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas, wearing tight clothing; no touching, scrubbing or rubbing of the waxed area; and stopping all forms of intensive exercise for the next 24 hours.

You may also be advised to exfoliate the waxed area after the first 24 hours to prevent any ingrown hairs.


Who shouldn't get a Boyzilian?


While Boyzilians are generally suitable for everyone, there are some exceptions. "If you have any health issues, are consuming any medications, recently underwent surgery or have any skin conditions, it's advisable to consult your doctor prior to the treatment."

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