Here’s How To Do The Trendy Sea Glass Nails Manicure

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Move over, jelly nails — a new trend in town is coming for your crown. Sea glass nails are the trendiest manicures among Instagram's nail-a-holics. Very reminiscent of the jelly nails trend, it gives last season’s trending manicure a sophisticated twist. The main differentiating feature: the finish. Jelly nails are shiny and glossy while sea glass nails are more opaque by using a clear matte topcoat. Ahead, some nail inspo on how to customise this trend for your personal taste.

Classic Sea Foam Green

Amp up the mermaid vibes with a classic seafoam green shade. The trick is to choose a “see-through” colour in a pastel hue to achieve this manicure. One perk of this manicure is that it’s still subtle and classy enough for work. Just don’t get distracting while typing on your work computer!

Rainbow Coloured French Tips

Yes, you can do every colour on the rainbow. From pale reds to purples, sea glass nails offer an endless host of possibilities. It doesn’t even have to cover your entire nail; take a look at this French tip iteration of the trend.

Flecks of Glitter

A sea glass manicure doesn’t have to be completely matte. You can have some subtle glitter and shine with your choice of base colour underneath the topcoat. Finish it off with some gems on the cuticles for added bling.

Iridescent Nails

Not of a fan of the translucence? Stick to your regular pastel polish, layer on some iridescent glitter polish, and seal it in with a matte topcoat. Nails any mermaid would still be proud of, in our opinion!

Acrylic Nails

If you’re one for experimental style, try this trend with acrylic nails. The added length and thickness will improve the overall look of this manicure. It also delivers that smooth, filmy quality of real sea glass —definitely a good recipe for Insta-worthy nails.

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