Get Healthier Nails With These Easy Steps

Be hands-on!

With all that we put them through in our daily lives, our hands really deserve some tender loving care once in a while. There are many activities that dry out the skin, damage the cuticles and thin out the nails, but there are a few ways we’d like to share to keep those digits beautiful. Here are our best nail tips that are easy to follow.

Consume protein-rich foods

A table full of protein-rich foods

Nails are made of a protein called keratin, and by simply tweaking your diet to include more protein like fish, nuts and beans, you can improve the condition of your nails. Supplements like biotin, Vitamin E and fish oil can also boost nail health. Once you’ve figured out the perfect combination, you’ll be rewarded with strong, shiny nails.

Moisturise cuticles

Bottles of cuticle oil and a pipette on a white surface

Think of your cuticle as the great wall that stands between your nail bed and a host of infections it may be exposed to. As part of your regular nail care routine, we suggest moisturising them with hand cream or cuticle oil and refrain from trimming or pushing them back to maintain their health and integrity.

Give your nails a break

Person getting her nails painted

While gel nails and acrylics are beautiful and last pretty much forever, they can take a toll on your natural nails. Going from one manicure to the next without giving them time to rejuvenate can result in yellowed, brittle nails and damaged nail beds from chemical exposure, which leads to the weakening the structure of the nail.

Be gentle with your nails

Healthy nails with pretty yet simple nail art

It’s pretty satisfying to get dirt out from under your nails during a home manicure session, but using metal tools under the nails is actually a big no-no, according to professionals. This process can lift and separate the nail plate from the skin, eventually resulting in a condition called onycholysis. 

Use hand cream

A bottle of lavender hand cream like this one laying on top of a book can help you get healthier nails

Sounds a little extra to go out of your way to moisturise your hands but you’ll thank us in the long run as we spend much of our time in cold, dry environments such as offices, shopping malls, and even our homes on a hot day (hello, airconditioning!). Much like a sleeping mask, you can use a mix of oils to hydrate and strengthen the nails and cuticles, or just a squeeze of hand cream will do nicely.

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