Spark Joy With These 5 Binge-worthy C-Dramas

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Get ready to fire up your watchlist with these fascinating Chinese dramas available on Viu Singapore. We’ve rounded up the titles ranging from period to modern romance genres and upcoming releases you wouldn’t want to miss.

Viu Singapore Chinese Dramas 2024

Go on a healing journey with shows like ‘Meet Yourself’. (Photo from: Viu Singapore)

Chinese dramas on Viu Singapore

1. Joy of Life Season 2

If you’re a fan of Chinese costume dramas that wonderfully weave in elements of romance and comedy to lighten the mood, check out Joy of Life Season 2.

It’s based on the novel Qing Yunian by Mao Ni and its first season, which aired in 2019, gained a huge number of fans and won several awards. The highly-anticipated second season impressively premiered with a record-breaking 18.9 million viewers in China.

Joy of Life Season 2 continues the love story between Fan Xian (Zhang Ruo Yun),  the illegitimate son of a finance minister and Lin Wan Er (Li Qin), the daughter of the Princess Royal. Fan Xian has to face a scheming prince, new threats, and new conspiracies. Will he be able to keep his relationship with Lin Wan Er intact?

Stream Episodes 1 to 28 of the 36-episode series here. New episodes will be released every day.

2. Meet Yourself

Does the slow-burn romance trope make you swoon? Keep an eye out for Meet Yourself. 

It aired in 2023 and was well-loved by C-drama fans for its healing and comforting vibes, authentic slice-of-life storylines, and relatable characters.

Xu Hong Dou (Crystal Liu) heads to a picturesque, remote village after facing various depressing situations in her life in the city. Her idyllic image of the countryside is shattered after discovering aspects that she isn’t used to. Meanwhile, Xie Zhi Yao (Li Xian) has just returned to the same community and meets Hong Dou. You can bet that you’ll feel butterflies as the two find themselves being drawn to each other in the tranquil town.

Stay tuned for its release on Viu.

3. The Tale of Rose 

If you’re on the lookout for a drama surrounding the realistic highs and lows of romance, tune into The Tale of Rose. 

Huang Yi Mei (Crystal Liu AKA Liu Yifei) falls in love with Zhuang Guo Dong (Peng Guan Ying) in the workplace. But things fall apart after facing the pressures of life. Yi Mei then moves on to marry Fang Xie Wen (Lin Geng Xin), but ultimately, they also part ways. Pu Jia Ming (Wallace Huo) enters her heart, but it seems that fate is not on their side. We can’t to see how Yi Mei’s story will unfold and how she will rise above her heartbreaks and find her own peace. 

Stay tuned for its release on Viu.

4. Dream Garden

If you enjoy psychological dramas with a dash of romance, sweeten up your watchlist with Dream Garden. 

The story kicks off with Xiao Xiao (Qiao Xin) who claims to be a love guru and shares relationship advice through her social media platform. Then, Lin Shen (Gong Jun), a professional psychological counsellor, enters the picture and holds different views about the world. They clash at a variety programme and wish that they would never have to cross paths with each other again. However, fate has other plans and the two are once again pulled together. Get ready to watch how they will conquer their differences and fall in love.

Stream the 16-episode series here.

5. Desire Catcher

On the lookout for an action-packed show? Power up your watchlist with Desire Catcher.

It’s a mystery thriller show centred on a string of hypnosis-related crimes. It goes deep into the lives of individuals and how their desires can be manipulated, making the drama more intriguing instead of being limited to the usual procedural drama.

In Desire Catcher, the victims committing the unlawful acts claim to be hypnotised, leaving the police baffled. They ask for help from Lu Feng Ping (Zheng Ye Cheng), a masterful hypnotist. Captain Luo Fei (Xin Yun Lai) has his suspicions about him, but he has to push these aside to uncover the truths behind the cases that surround them. 

Stream the 24-episode series here

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