Get To Know The Brilliant Cast Members Of 'Queen Of Tears'

While waiting for the finale

The reason for our smiles and our tears is coming to an end. If you’re not ready to part with Queen of Tears, take a moment to learn more about the brilliant cast members who made us tune into the show. Check out fun facts you might not know about Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Yoon Bomi, and more. 

Queen of Tears cast members

“You stepped into my heart, softer than summer night.” (Photo from: @tvn_drama)

Queen of Tears has been reigning supreme in K-drama land since it premiered on 9 March 2024. It recently took the crown from Goblin starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun and became tvN's second-highest-rated drama. It reached a peak viewership rating of 21.6%, and it’s catching up to Crash Landing On You’s 21.7% rating fast! You can learn more about the plot here. Now, let’s dive into the cast members.

Queen of Tears cast members

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

The quirky heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun. (Photo from: @soohyun_k216)

36-year-old Kim Soo Hyun is the OG rom-com king. He’s worked on various beloved K-dramas such as Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love From the Star, and It’s Okay To Not Be Okay before getting the lead role of Baek Hyun Woo for Queen of Tears. He’s popularly known for being one of the top-paid male actors in South Korea. And while witnessing his acting prowess in his latest work, you can’t help but agree that he deserves it.

Fun fact: He’s one of IU’s close friends and recently became viral for reportedly screaming a song request at her concert. They worked together in dramas such as Dream High and The Producers. 

2. Kim Ji Won

Hong Hae In is the epitome of “a real tough kid” (a phrase from Taylor Swift’s new song I Can Do It With A Broken Heart). We couldn’t imagine a better fit for the role than 31-year-old actress Kim Ji Won. You’ll be mesmerised by her intense gaze and aura in the show (which you’ll also find in her character in Descendants of the Sun). You’ll sympathise with her during her most vulnerable moments too.

Fun fact: Her iconic aegyo (meaning display of cuteness) scene in Fight For My Way inspired Kim Soo Hyun for his ad-lib in Queen of Tears. 

3. Yoon Bomi

Yoon Bomi

K-pop idol slash actress Yoon Bomi. (Photo from: @__yoonbomi__)

30-year-old Yoon Bomi won us over with her portrayal of Secretary Na — Hong Hae In’s intelligent and loyal right-hand woman. Bomi is a member of the K-pop girl group Apink. You’ll be impressed by her refreshing take on her character, and you won’t feel that she has little experience when it comes to acting.

Fun fact: It was recently revealed that she’s dating Black Eyed Pilseung member Rado since 2017. Will the last few episodes of Queen of Tears reveal her partner in the drama too?

4. Park Sung Hoon 

Park Sung Hoon

Actor Park Sung Hoon. (Photo from: @boxabum)

39-year-old Park Sung Hoon made our blood boil as one of the villains in The Glory and got a Best Supporting Actor nomination in the esteemed Baeksang Awards in Korea. In Queen of Tears, he’s once again one of the antagonists named Yoon Eun Seung and has viewers fuming about his manipulative actions in the series which goes to show how skillful he is in handling his role. Before these roles, he was the main lead in the rom-com titled Into the Ring. 

Fun fact: Park Sung Hoon is gearing up for Squid Game Season 2. Will he be getting a more likeable role this time around?

5. Lee Joo Bin

Lee Joo Bin

Rising actress Lee Joo Bin. (Photo from: @hellobeen)

34-year-old actress and model Lee Joo Bin took on the flawed yet captivating character Cheon Da Hye in Queen of Tears. We cheered for her redemption arc and how she’s learning to stand up for herself and her family. She has played various supporting roles in hit dramas such as Mr. Sunshine, Love to Hate You, and Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area. Aside from these, she’s also part of the cast of the film The Roundup: Punishment (which is now showing in theatres in Singapore).

Fun fact: She’s booked and busy after Queen of Tears. She will star in a new crime drama titled Guardians. Stay tuned for more details!

6. Kwak Dong Yeon

Kwak Dong Yeon

All-around actor Kwak Dong Yeon. (Photo from: @kwakdongyeon0)

If you’ve been hanging around in the K-drama realm for a while now, then you might have seen this guy as he’s been involved in a variety of shows ranging from action (Vincenzo) to rom-com (My ID Is Gangnam Beauty). He masterfully played the role of Hong Soo Cheol as he got on our nerves at first but then impressed us with his faithful love for his wife Da Hye and his son Geonu.

Fun fact: he was part of a band Kkokkoma and plays lead guitar. Will he take on a music-related role next?

(Cover photos from: @tvn_drama)

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