Ranking Our Top Jennifer Lawrence Roles In Movies

From Ree Dolly to Katniss Everdeen

This article was first published on 15 October 2021.

Jennifer Lawrence has given life to various characters in countless movies since she made her big-screen debut in 2008. Now, she’s about to take on a role of a lifetime: motherhood. The new mama was spotted in New York City sporting an athleisure co-ord set look consisting of a black crop top and leggings. This simple ensemble is topped off with a Dior saddle bag and cat-eye sunglasses. A super cute relaxed look, don’t you think?

Earlier in her pregnancy, she was also seen wearing another comfy maternity look — a floral jumper over a white tee matched with transparent pink sandals. It’s nice to see Jennifer Lawrence out and about serving us awesome maternity outfit inspirations.

To celebrate this new role Jennifer Lawrence now has, we’re gonna get a little nostalgic and look back at all the other characters she played in the past years. Ahead, we rank Jennifer Lawrence movies, from the one we fancy to the one we love the most.

Top 5: American Hustle (2013)

Jennifer Lawrence has limited screen time in the crime drama American Hustle, but she owned each of her scenes. Her role as Rosalyn, the seemingly silly wife of anti-hero criminal protagonist Irving (Christian Bale), brightened up an otherwise bleak movie. Her character’s one-liners and memorable quips served much-needed comedic relief. And because Jennifer Lawrence played her so charmingly, Rosalyn didn’t come off as a one-dimensional naggy side character but rather a well-rounded persona. Her performance garnered praise from critics and showed that she’s as versatile as a classic white tee.

Our fave scene: While Jennifer Lawrence’s most memorable appearance from the movie may be that much-talked-about improvised kiss with Amy Adams, our favourite is another scene. It’s the one where her character’s husband confronts her about her affair and she delivers a layered emotional response transitioning from rage to confusion seamlessly.

Top 4: mother! (2017)

Reviews on the Jennifer Lawrence movie mother! are a mixed bag; some are fascinated by it while others saw the movie as “pretentious and ridiculous”. Regardless of what your take is on this psychological horror film, you can’t deny that Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as the titular mother is intense and praise-worthy in its own right.

The film is considered by some as sort of an homage to the 1968 social horror classic Rosemary’s Baby as both mothers in the film go through terrifying circumstances while pregnant. Like Mia Farrow, Jennifer Lawrence was able to deliver convincing acting that makes us feel what the protagonist is feeling. She definitely has horror potential and we hope to see J.Law in another thriller.

Our fave scene: There are many terrifying scenes in the movie but the one that takes the cake is when “mother” woke up to find her baby gone and being passed on among a sea of cult followers. Jennifer Lawrence’s frantic expressions were definitely powerful.

Top 3: Winter’s Bone (2010)

Critics consider Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone as Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout role and we can understand why. There was so much emotional depth needed to bring this complicated character to life. Her performance as a courageous 17-year-old teenager living in poverty in the Ozark Mountains garnered her an Oscar nomination.

But Ree Dolly isn’t just her breakthrough role, the character also paved the path for the girl-next-door Jennifer Lawrence that we know today. Before the actual awarding ceremony, a young Jennifer Lawrence was interviewed on the red carpet by reporters who complimented her figure, to which she responded by saying thanks and shared that she was actually “worried” because she just ate a cheesesteak. It was the start of the many J.Law “eating memes” that was ubiquitous in the early 2010s, and the actress’ overall relatable public persona.

Our fave scene: The one where Ree Dolly and her siblings hunt for squirrels and then proceeded to skin one and cook it was sad and shocking but also memorable. Jennifer Lawrence’s unflinching expression made the scenario all the more convincing.

Top 2: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

The character of a young widow managing a mental illness is a heavy-weight role and Jennifer Lawrence was able to give it justice in Silver Linings Playbook. She plays Tiffany Maxwell who is the embodiment of a hot mess express. When she meets Pat (Bradley Cooper), who is also dealing with his own bipolar diagnosis, the two immediately connect over their experiences as people coping with a mental disorder.

What we love most about Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Tiffany is its sincerity; the character could have easily been just another quirky manic pixie dream girl given the dialogues but J.Law’s facial cues clue us in on something more. For her outstanding performance in this role, the then 22-year-old actress received an Oscar Academy Award for Best Actress.

Our fave scene: It’s hard to forget that chaotic dance scene at the end when Tiffany and Pat unveiled the routine they have been practicing for weeks. It was funny, poignant and eventually ended on a sweet note.

Top 1: The Hunger Games movies (2012-2015)

We know you’re waiting for this one. While Ree Dolly was Jennifer Lawrence’s entry ticket to Hollywood, it was The Hunger Games lead Katniss Everdeen that catapulted her to superstar fame and eventually became the role that will make her a household name. Jennifer Lawrence reprised the role of the rebellious and resilient teenager three more times after the original film and she got multiple awards and nominations along the way. Fun fact: J.Law was able to beat dozens of actresses for the role; now that’s something!

Our fave scene: There are a lot of unforgettable moments in The Hunger Games franchise but none is as iconic as the one where Katniss volunteered to become a tribute to replace her younger sister who was originally drafted. It’s still a line that’s easily recognisable to this day.

Which of these Jennifer Lawrence movies that we ranked is your favourite?

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