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This article was first published on 18 February 2022.

Singapore’s music scene is as diverse and dynamic as the mix of cultures in the country. And over the past couple of years, many local indie music acts have been thriving both on streaming platforms and live jamming sessions, waiting to be your next earworm. Curious to know who they are? Below, 10 indie Singaporean artists you need to listen to, stat!

1. Keyana

R&B singer Keyana (real name Melanie Kasise) has soothing dulcet tones whose songs are perfect for chilling and vibing. Aside from writing some of her songs herself, she’s also a great dancer and choreographer. She has Ghanaian and Singapore-Chinese parents and has started her career as a model before diving into music.

2. Sobs

Sobs describe their sound as ‘uncool pop music’ but we beg to disagree. The appeal of their songs come from its bedroom pop feel reminiscent of 90s indie music. They effectively mix emotional lyrics with lighthearted melodies, delivering the illusion of a retro cinematic vibe whenever you listen to their tracks.

3. Yeule

Eight years after she entered Singapore’s indie music scene at age 15, Yeule is now one of the country’s most popular and unique indie acts. Her synthpop sound and whimsical branding are definitely her strongest suits, never failing to surprise her listeners every time she releases new music.

4. Shye

Pop, R&B, folk — Shye can do it all. The 17-year-old artist not only fronts as a performer but also writes and produces her own music, giving her full command on her releases. Her versatility when it comes to various genres is definitely her biggest appeal.

5. Cosmic Child

Cosmic Child is definitely for listeners who love layers of instrumentals matched with haunting vocals. Their sound ranges from bedroom pop to indie rock and their songs have a certain coming-of-age feel. If you’re feeling introspective or sentimental, their tracklist wouldn’t disappoint in matching the mood.

6. 10vacations

10vacations is the nom de plume of indie singer-songwriter Nurrisha. Her music has a distinct lo-fi girl appeal with its downtempo and bedroom pop inspirations. If you're looking for soothing beats to put on for the weekend (or while de-stressing at work), her tunes are the ones to listen to.

7. BGourd

Love 90s rap? BGourd is the one to check out. His smooth hip-hop style reminds us of pre-noughties rap music that’s less angst and more chill. He usually collaborates with other indie Singapore artists, giving each release a new layer of sound depending on who he’s working with. P.S. His signature green mask also adds to his intriguing brand as an artist.

8. Rene

Rene’s alternative-rock to pop-rock sound definitely reminds us of Paramore’s earlier releases. The guitar riffs, the headbanging drumline, and of course, Rene’s riveting vocals make each song have an uplifting effect. Add on the relatable and heartfelt lyrics common to her songs and voilà, you’re hooked for sure.

9. iNCH

Inch Chua first rose to fame as the lead singer of indie rock band Allura. However, when the band broke up in 2010, Inch pursued a solo career, exploring alternative rock, electropop, jazz, and other genres. Through the years, her music has evolved, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Her latest release do i, do i is an empowering anthem that’s truly worth putting on repeat.

10. whirring

This synthpop duo delivers mesmerising harmonies and relaxing melodies mixed with emotional lyrics that will make you want to listen for more. They still don't have a lot of original tracks aside from if you'd have me but their Oh Wonder landslide cover is one to not miss, too.

(Cover photo from: John Matychuk via Unsplash)

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