Clozette Group Rebrands Beauty & Lifestyle Platform With New Name & Look

Award-winning digital marketing company evolves content offerings to address the needs of today and tomorrow’s consumers in the beauty & lifestyle space.

SINGAPORE, 17 January 2022 – Award-winning digital marketing company Clozette Group has rebranded its online platform Clozette ( with a fresh new look under the name TheBeauLife (, with the view of addressing the needs and interests pursued by today’s ever-evolving consumers. The website revamp forms part of a company-wide initiative to expand its digital marketing services and to evolve and grow with its readership and target audiences.

After over a decade of fostering a thriving community of beauty enthusiasts and tastemakers across Southeast Asia, Clozette has evolved into TheBeauLife, an online beauty and lifestyle destination designed with today’s consumers in mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way consumers prioritise their lifestyle choices, with an increase in wellness and fitness related purchases over the past two years. According to a report by global consultancy CB Insights, there has been a greater emphasis placed on health and wellness, and “beauty brands have had to evolve from a one-dimensional category to something more holistic and inclusive.”

More than an information platform, TheBeauLife aims to be a community of life-loving individuals whose mission is to inspire, uplift, and set readers up for a beautiful life on their own terms.

As consumers seek alternative ways to decompress in this transformed world, we are excited about our new areas of focus to address the shifts in consumer preferences and trends,” said Becks Ko, Editor of TheBeauLife and Head of Content for Clozette Group. “In addition to beauty, we are expanding our content expertise to other topics close to the hearts of our readers, from mental health empowerment to sustainability. Our core values and content pillars remain intact but refined – to speak of the current, to the current.”

In recent years, the media industry has converged as a result of the blurring of traditional boundaries, generating a sharp rise in digital media consumption that’s further accelerated by the pandemic. Embracing such trends, Clozette Group is adapting and evolving its corporate structure and refreshing key media assets such as TheBeauLife to better serve the needs of today’s consumers.

In 2010, Clozette Group was brought to life as a pioneer in native advertising, creating a new category of storytelling that marries the best of editorial authority with the authenticity and scale of curated user-generated content,” said Roger Yuen, CEO of Clozette Group. “As we cross our first decade, the company has evolved into a full-service digital marketing company anchored on content that performs. Our in-house production capabilities and an array of digital assets, along with our network of more than 10,000 creators and influencers with over 2.5 billion combined followers, are designed to help brands create, deliver, and optimise campaigns across multiple channels, engaging consumers at every stage of their journey to deliver results.”

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About TheBeauLife

TheBeauLife is your beauty and lifestyle destination for the hottest news, reviews, and deals. It’s your gateway to a beautiful life, your way.

More than an information platform, #TheBeauLife is a community of life-loving individuals whose mission is to inspire, empower, and set you up for a beautiful life on your own terms.

Got a new beauty tip? An exciting fitness routine? A café worth the hype? Join us in our relentless pursuit of happiness and meaningful connections. Be a part of #TheBeauLife movement, an unconfined space where you interpret what is beautiful, blissful and unapologetically you.

About Clozette Group

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore, Clozette Group is a digital marketing company anchored on content that performs. Clozette Group has enabled over 500 brands and partners across Southeast Asia and Japan, powered by in-house production capabilities, an array of digital assets, and an inclusive network of more than 10,000 content creators, influencers, and talents boasting a combined total of 2.5+ billion followers.

Clozette Group owns and operates TheBeauLife, an online beauty and lifestyle destination for contemporary consumers, and CoolJP, a business unit and ecosystem that bridges opportunities between Japan and Southeast Asia. The company is venture-backed by Walden International, Phillip Private Equity and Cool Japan Fund, a public-private fund under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

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