FAVE 5: Pleated Shorts

Crisp lines

Looking for a way to channel a crisp and sleek vibe but still look casual and spontaneous? Pleated shorts are the way to go. Their clean-looking cut gives the outfit a sense of elegance without looking too formal for a regular day out. Moving with ease when wearing pleated shorts is also a lot easier compared to pleated skirts. Check out how our Community is acing their pleated shorts styling with these looks.

No nonsense neutrals

Girl wearing black and beige
(Photo from: Jolice)

Ways of the waist

Girl wearing belted pleated shorts
(Photo from: ClarabelleFaithNg)

Soft elements

Girl wearing white top and neutral shorts
(Photo from: shermaineinez)

Clean colours

Girl wearing all white clothes
(Photo from: paradeoflove)

Playful patterns

girl wearing polka dots
(Photo from: shuutravels)

(Cover photo from: Jolice)

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