FAVE 5: Voluminous Skirts

Effortless charm

Though we all love the convenience of our trusty pair of jeans, there are days that call for something a bit more girly. For those moments when you just want to feel extra pretty, opt to wear a long, breezy skirt. Voluminous skirts are all the rage these days and they’re perfect for any occasion. Amp up your feminine charm and fashion these elegant pieces whether you’re off to a casual brunch, a stroll in the park, or in a fancy dinner out. Take cues from the Clozette Community and see how they style these effortless pieces.

Tulle lovin’

Black tulle skirt
(Photo from: ChristabellePQZ)

Dark and glamorous

Black floral dress with voluminous skirt style
(Photo from: shermaineinez)

Sky blue breeze

Light blue dress
(Photo from: Chervon)

Whimsical lace

Pieces with voluminous skirts like this white lace dress make for an effortlessly feminine outfit
(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)

Captivating florals

Blue floral dress
(Photo from: JacinthaWee)

(Cover photo from: JacinthaWee)

Alternatively, channel your boyish side with these bold and sassy styles.

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