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People are gradually spilling out the streets now that quarantine measures are being loosened up but this doesn't mean we can now freely fly and venture off to uncharted territories. Right now, the only safe option we have to curb our wanderlust is exploring virtually. There are always travel shows waiting to be watched and virtual tours waiting to be checked out. Not to mention, it's always easy to get lost in the countless throwback travel posts that offer picturesque wonders on social media. To fill your feed with more of refreshingly fun content, follow these unique travel Instagram accounts that'll let you see the beauty of adventure in a wholly different light.


One of the best parts of travelling is discovering breath-taking views as you wander. Still, don't you think it would be a whole lot greater if you had such cute animals witnessing these sights with you? Of course, bringing along your pets to trips isn't always a feasible option for everyone, but @mr.pokee gives you a glimpse of how exploring with your furry — and spikey — animals would be. Talitha Girnus started all this way back in 2015 to document her adventures with her hedgehog, Mr. Pokee. Though her travel sidekick sadly crossed over to the rainbow bridge last year, his adventurous spirit lives on with Herbee, a hedgehog she rescued, and Audree, her Bengal kitten — comforting companions who've made her trips full of smiles.


Meanwhile, those looking to have a fully immersive travel experience online have a whole plethora of unique travel Instagram accounts to check out. First, there's From Where I Stand, which compiles #selfeets captured all across the globe. Through these snaps, you can really get yourself in other people's shoes and quite literally see the perspectives of people from different walks of life. Those who love taking in the intricate architectural details when travelling will appreciate the colourful snaps of the tiled grounds from all over the world. Not to mention, you get to discover fine footwear too!


If there's an account that features close-up shots of the ground, you're also bound to find unique travel Instagram accounts that show how the earth looks when completely zoomed out. When we explore, there's only so much that we can see at eye-level. Not saying that these views aren't worth taking in, but sometimes, looking from a different angle gives you a mesmerising perspective as well. From Where I Drone, as you can surmise from its name, shares drone shots captured by travellers, making us feel as though we're birds soaring high above the world's wonders.


Travelling and food always come together — you can never truly explore a destination no matter how much you walk if you don't taste the dishes borne out of its rich local culture. Melissa Hie captures this truth in her IG account, @girleatworld, which chronicles how she navigates the world's best places one bite at a time. Her signature shots always place the mouth-watering delicacies on the foreground of the local scene and frankly, these photos make following her quite irresistible. When you come upon her posts on your feed, make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes, she sports creative nail art that might just inspire your next manicure.


Wally, Waldo, Charlie — whatever he's called in your country, you definitely know him from the sight of his iconic red-and-white-striped shirt and matching hat. But of course, we all know how incredibly straining it was to spot him in the midst of illustrated crowds. Thankfully, he's now easier to find, thanks to @wallyfound. Created by an anonymous blogger from London, the IG account features Wally in the same old clothes in different destinations. You'll find him in England in most of these spottings, but it seems that the childhood character we love (and hate) has been venturing through Asia as well.


And finally, as they say, life is about the journey, not the destination. Even when we travel, this saying rings true as well as we find ourselves forever treasuring moments spent in between transit. Those missing the soothing pause train travel lends to weary travellers can check out @train_vision. The travel account is known to feature quaint snaps of Japanese trains weaving through countrysides and cityscapes, but it also shares photos of railway scenes from different parts of the globe as well. Seeing the old-school charm of these locomotives will definitely inspire you to include these modes of transportation when you create your post-pandemic travel itinerary.

(Cover photo from: @mr.pokee)

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