Love, A Series: How To Find Love

What comes before the fairytale endings

Look into the wonders, mysteries and intricacies of love as we showcase a special three-part series made with Malaysian illustrator Beatrice Oh titled, Love: A Series.

Part Two: How To Find Love

Countless movies and books have shown us tons of meet-cutes leading to fairytale endings. Because of this, we think we know the formula to finding love already. But in reality, what works on paper (or onscreen) doesn’t always translate well in real life. So after trying to define ‘love’, here’s our next inquiry: how exactly do we find it?

Look up to the sky and let the Universe be your guide.

how to find love tips - let the universe guide you

Setting a deadline for one’s self when it comes to finding love — especially based on the standards set by society — should no longer thrive. However, the sad truth is, these expectations can still put pressure on oneself at certain points (or birthdays) in our lives.

It’s worth remembering that just like anything else in life, timing is important when it comes to finding the love you’re searching for. Don’t confine yourself to the idea of romantic love; let the universe course you through various relationships that will allow you to grow. Have faith in what lies ahead.

Search within your heart and you’ll see that real love is far from fleeting.

how to find love tips - self love

Some of us may have entered relationships because we need to be with someone. We chase after an idea rather than an authentic connection, making us lose a part of ourselves in the process.

To prevent this from happening (again), remind yourself that real love starts from within. Put yourself first and you’ll eventually find someone who values you for what you truly are. Even if that doesn’t come, knowing that you have yourself will be enough.

Peek through the looking glass, where love is free of lies, hurt, and selfish schemes.

how to find love tips - trust is everything

Old ways and teachings have made us believe that love needs a lot of trials to be true. However, challenges that come in the form of lies and betrayal are not something that anyone should suffer through. Trust is one of the main foundations of a strong and healthy relationship and once that’s broken, value yourself enough to know when to walk away or compromise.

Seek via Google if you’re feeling lucky, but beware of those with deceitful identities.

how to find love tips - try dating apps

In this day and age, finding love through dating apps or social media platforms is no longer weird. There are couples who come out successful from these encounters but always proceed with caution especially during the earlier stages of your love-seeking attempts. There’s no harm in listening to the nagging whispers of your subconscious when it comes to meeting people online. Your safety — physically and emotionally — is still of utmost priority.

Discover them in romance films & novels and take heart that love is out there waiting.

how to find love tips - don't lose faith in romance

You may have thought that true love “only happens in movies” especially during unsuccessful phases in your quest. Don’t let scepticism ruin the belief that romance is still alive and waiting for you to welcome it into your life though. While it may not happen for you scene-by-scene like your favourite chick flick, your version will come along at the right time and with the right person.

Spot authentic souls who cherish your quirks and character, for those who mind don’t matter.

how to find love tips - seek out authentic people

While there is beauty in making a good first impression, people fall in love with personality and character in the long run. Connect with someone who is willing to grow and help work on your flaws with you. Finding perfection is such an overrated goal. Be with people you can be perfectly imperfect with.

How is your current journey in seeking love like so far?

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