5 TikTok Fashion Hacks That Actually Work

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There’s so much more to TikTok than people dancing and lip-synching. It has also become a go-to place for fashion enthusiasts to share their style tips. Even bigwigs in the industry like Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing and influential fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni are on the platform. Aside from fashion inspo from mavens, another thing that’s trending on TikTok are fashion hacks. Unfortunately, while they’re always fun to watch not all of them are helpful, some even straight-up don’t work. To help you sift through the noise, we listed down five TikTok fashion hacks that actually do.

How to make tight pants fit


And that’s on quarantine 15 😜 the hack of a lifetime, not kidding! Duet me if you try it #stylehack #fashionhack #womensfashion #hacksoftiktok

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If you’ve gained some post-holiday pounds and currently trying to shed the weight, don’t think about buying new pants with a wider waistline just yet. Try this hack to make tight pants fit first. Get an elastic band then fasten it on your pant’s button. Next, loop it through the buttonhole and secure it around the pant’s button. Easy, right? As TikToker Yasmeen points out, you have to wear a long top or jacket to cover the gap. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Additional tip: If you don’t have an elastic band at hand, you can also use a thin hair tie with enough length to go around the loops. If that’s also not an option, you can use a shoelace and just tuck in the excess length into your pants.

How to make flannel shirts look cropped


How to crop a flannel shirt #fashion #styletip #fallfashion

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Flannel shirts are great, but sometimes they’re better cropped. The good news is you don’t have to buy a cropped one if you already have a “traditional” one. All you need to do is try this nifty hack by TikToker Nichole Ciotti. Start with a tube top then wear a regular flannel shirt over it and fasten two buttons in the middle. Next, gather the loose hem of the flannel shirt at the back like a ponytail while making sure that the front part is neatly folded up until the bottom part of your tube top. Get an elastic band and tie the gathered loose hem together. Now, tuck this “tail” up inside the flannel shirt. That’s it!

Additional tip: Don’t stop at flannel shirts, you can also apply this hack to any piece of clothing with a long hem to make it a crop top. It’s a good way to refresh your wardrobe without adding new pieces.

Emergency fix for broken straps


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♬ In Love With You - BLVKSHP

We’ve all had our fair share of fashion emergencies. It can be particularly distressing if it happens when you’re far from home and you can’t just do a wardrobe change. One common wardrobe malfunction we may have already experienced is the snapping of our top’s straps.  This is usually because the stitches have come undone. If this ever happens to you (again), TikToker Vi Luong has a handy solution: use your earring. Just take the undone end of the strap and stick the earring through to keep it in place and fasten it with the hook. Of course, this hack isn’t meant to last forever so make sure to sew the strap once you get home.

Additional tip: If you’re not wearing any earrings, another way to fix broken straps is to tie the loose end tightly to your bra strap in a pretty bow. It’s not perfect, but it’s enough to get you through the day.

Never worry about your sweatpants’ straps again


Sweatpants hack #styletip #sweatpants #fashionhacks #fyp

♬ More Happy - The Hollister Jean Lab

Sweatpants have been one of the favourite clothing items during this pandemic. No longer are they seen as sloppy, they’re now available in tons of cute designs. However, although they’re undeniably comfortable, sweatpants’ straps come undone easily. If you make the knot too tight, though, you’ll have a hard time detangling it. Thankfully, TikToker Jessica Wang posted this TikTok fashion hack. Make a loose loop on each string, then insert each of the loop’s ends into each other’s loose loop to fasten everything. Afterwards, you can just use the looped strings to loosen or fasten your sweatpants.

Additional tip: Believe it or not, you can apply the same hack to your sneakers. Just make sure that they’re comfortable and secure enough for any type of rigorous movement.

How to wear short skirts even when it’s cold


Them: wtf how do u wear skirts in the winter? Me: *pulls skin* Them: 👁👄👁 #tightshack #winterhack #fashionhack #style #fyp

♬ original sound - Kerina Wang

This hack is something to bookmark for when you’re able to travel to countries with spring or winter seasons. It’s a smart layering hack by Kerina Wang where you wear skin-toned leggings underneath sheer stockings. So cute!

Additional tip: There’s a way to make this hack work in the tropics by using breathable skin-toned leggings instead of thick ones. Also, don’t forget to have fun with designs and experiment with animal prints, metallics, logomania trend and more.

Which of these TikTok fashion hacks do you like best?

(Cover photo from: Tamara Bellis via Unsplash)

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