FAVE 5: Swimsuits As Tops

Dual purpose

With temperatures reaching an all-time high, it feels tempting to just go out in our swimsuits. But is there a way to make them appropriate for the city, when you're miles away from the sand and shore? These girls from the Clozette Community show us how to rock the suit even when you don't feel like swimming. 

Bahama Babe

orange swimsuit

(Photo from: shasha_ana)

Tropical Flavour

botanical print top

(Photo from: MarlinaCarlos)

Dark Florals

black floral top

(Photo from: JulieAnnLozada)

Retro Sweetheart

floral tie-back top

(Photo from: dhencayabyab)

Vintage Flair

head scarf

(Photo from: hannatantoco)

(Cover photo from: dhencayabyab and JulieAnnLozada)

Next, check out how these girls wear the sunniest shade.

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