FAVE 5: Stylish Shields

Safety first

Along with owning tops and bottoms, masks are now considered a clothing essential. But because they're a fairly new addition to our wardrobe, it can be hard at first to pair them seamlessly with our ensembles. To help you, here are some styling ideas for face masks and shields from the Clozette Community to take inspiration from.

Chic colours

Styling Face Masks
(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

Futuristic fun

Styling Face Masks
(Photo from: ninasinganon)

Denim drama

Styling Face Masks
(Photo from: Mandalogy21)

Cute and creative

Styling Face Masks
(Photo from: wanderingwondermom)

Pretty preppy 

Styling Face Masks
(Photo from: sparksofjoyce)

(Cover photo from: StilettoesDiva)

Get more mask styling tips here.

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