We Can’t Get Enough Of These Kawaii Studio Ghibli Fashion Collabs

Miyazaki masterpieces meet style

Studio Ghibli fans, rejoice! It seems like the masterpieces created by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki are getting expanded (in a different way).

Spirited Away is getting adapted into a play, which will be staged in Tokyo in 2022. It will feature two of Japan’s current rising stars, Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi, as the protagonist Chihiro. The production is also headed by Tony Award-winner John Caird who is best known for his work in Les Misérables.

The opening of the stage play also coincides with the projected opening of the first-ever Studio Ghibli theme park in Nagoya. The construction of the park was delayed due to COVID-19, but reports suggest that the park still aims to open for business in autumn (mid-November to December) of 2022.

But given the uncertainty of travelling, we have to compensate for our Ghibli cravings in a different way. Thankfully, global fashion brands are finally jumping on the Ghibli train and giving us much-anticipated collaborations. Curious to see our favourites? Keep scrolling.

Studio Ghibli x Lesportsac

We’re already in love with the upcoming Studio Ghibli x Lesportsac release. This first-ever collaboration consists of 22 pieces — including totes, handbags, makeup pouches, and more — featuring beloved characters from My Neighbor Totoro. The collection will be launched through Lesportsac Japan on 10 March (Wednesday). Crossing our fingers for a global release, too.

Our top pick from this collab: Special Pouch. Our eyes (and wallets) are set on these cute organiser pouches. The watercolour-style design as well as the quote detail on the side saying “夢だけど、夢じゃなかった! (It was a dream but it wasn’t a dream), are great film references, making the pouch the perfect collectable.

My Neighbor Totoro x Loewe

Totoro’s story of protecting nature and its inhabitants — as well as the “artisanal techniques” used in Ghibli films — is what made the Spanish luxury house decide to collaborate in the first place, according to the company. The January capsule collection consists of bags, clutches, loose shirts, colourful hoodies, and more dressed in Totoro characters and colours. Unfortunately, only a few products from the collab are currently available on Loewe’s official website. But who knows? Maybe you can take your chance by visiting a store near you instead!

Our top pick from this collab: My Neighbor Totoro x Loewe Hammock Bag. This silhouette is one of Loewe’s most iconic leather goods. But beyond its classic appeal, we’re totally in love with the handcrafted designs in the details. Mecha-kucha, kawaii (very, very cute)!

Studio Ghibli x ANOFUKU

If we were to translate the feelings we get whenever we watch Ghibli films, it’ll probably be the same as being wrapped in a cosy sweater on a chilly day. That’s why Ghibli’s collaboration with Japanese knitwear brand ANOFUKU is perfect. It transforms the warm and comfortable vibes we get from Ghibli films into something we can wear daily. Since their first collaboration in 2017, the two have continued to release capsule collections from time-to-time. Now, they have tote bags, shirts, coats, and trousers for children and adults alike available on ANOFUKU's official online store.

P.S. The clip above? That’s an actual stop-motion video made from photos of hand-knitted sweaters especially made to promote Studio Ghibli and ANOFUKU’s first collab!

Our top pick from this collab: Handmade Totoro Rain Sweatshirt. First, this number showcases inarguably the most iconic scene in My Neighbor Totoro. But aside from that, each handmade sweater also features individually hand-embroidered details — from the rain patterns to the fabrics used in Totoro’s umbrella — which makes them look similar at first look yet totally unique.

Princess Mononoke x L.L. Bean

Totoro isn’t the only Ghibli character getting the spotlight in these collabs. L.L. Bean chose characters from Princess Mononoke as their collection’s stars. The brand released two tote designs featuring accents inspired by the Forest Spirit Deer God and its Night-Walker form as part of the capsule collection. The collection also included limited-edition keychains from other Ghibli works such as Kiki’s Delivery Service and — you guessed it — My Neighbor Totoro.

Our top pick from this collab: L.L. Bean Forest Spirit Deer God Tote Bag. The teal colour, the whimsical landscape in the background of the Spirit Deer God — everything about this reminds us of the vivid visuals that we oh-so love from Princess Mononoke. The discrete reference to the film is perfect for fans who want to keep things low-key.

Studio Ghibli x GBL Tokyo

Studio Ghibli gets the streetwear treatment with ready-to-wear brand GBL. Unlike the usual cute and homey vibes of their other collaborations, Studio Ghibli x GBL features an edgy, skateboarder aesthetic with long-sleeved shirts, bomber jackets, and other apparel designed with our favourite Miyazaki characters.

Our top pick from this collab: Kiki’s Delivery Service Long-Sleeved Top. Easy to dress up or down, this shirt is perfect to pair with just about anything. The details on each sleeve also add a touch of playfulness to the otherwise minimalist piece.

Which of these adorable Ghibli fashion pieces tickled your fancy?

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