6 Staycation Destinations For Solo Travellers

No rush, just pure bliss

To some, the idea of solo staycations may seem lonely. Be that as it may, it's really not as isolated as it sounds. In fact, a solo staycation can be a blissful, stress-free moment. But it can undoubtedly be challenging to find the perfect spot. To help you, we've created a list of six staycation spots for solo travellers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. 

So start planning how you'll savour each moment in your own company. You'll have all the time in the world to reflect in peace or create your upcoming masterpiece while you're in a comfy yet new and exciting environment. 

For quiet reflection: Hotel Fort Canning (Singapore)

Calling itself an "urban oasis", Hotel Fort Canning is indeed a serene spot tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore metropolis. It's situated at the heart of the sprawling grounds of Fort Canning Park where you'll be surrounded by lush greeneries. There, you'll finally have your moment of peace and quiet with no distractions to interrupt your inner thoughts.

They offer four room types, three (The Deluxe Garden, Premium, Premium Luxe) of which will provide you with your very own outdoor space — perfect for those early morning reflections where you can laze in your private patio or glass-enclosed verandah. 

For the adventurous: Hotel Soloha (Singapore)

Hotel Soloha is a shophouse turned boutique hotel located in the culturally rich neighbourhood of Keong Saik where local hidden foodie gems are just within reach. Step inside and you'll be greeted by the upbeat technicolour reception bar that's fitting for the "Urban Jungle Chic" motif of the hotel. But it's not just the lobby that will impress you. All of Hotel Soloha's interior is designed to, as they put it, "bring guests on a different adventure". Even the elevator shaft has been thoughtfully designed to evoke a feeling of being in a faraway jungle as it features a 13 metre long mural by visual artist Danielle Tay called "Spirit of the Forest".

Whether you want to stay inside or explore the locale's culture, you'll find Hotel Soloha to be a perfect place to start your own solo adventure. Read what our Campaign Manager, Sabrina, said about her Hotel Soloha experience.

For creative souls: KLoe Hotel (Malaysia)

From its superb rooms to its quaint coffee corners, KLoe Hotel is designed with the creative in mind, where you can "explore your creative impulses" within spaces that are conducive to pursuing your curiosity for art, food and more. On top of "regular" hotel rooms, they also offer personalised "artist lofts" catering to a specific interest.

For artists, Room To Draw is perfect where you'll have a cosy studio equipped with drawing desks, canvases and paints. Room To Taste is curated for inner chefs and designed with a bespoke kitchen counter. Room To Read is for avid readers where they'll be treated to their very own personal library curated by independent bookshop Tintabudi. Finally, for all plant parents, there's the Room To Grow which features dainty terrariums by Ohsum Mossum. It's definitely a good staycation destination for solo travellers who are looking for a creative space to pursue their passion.

For mega pampering: Tanjong Jara Resort (Malaysia)

If you're looking for a place to unwind, reset and shake off the year that has been, Tanjong Jara Resort is a good staycation spot for solo travellers looking for some mega pampering and serious rejuvenation sessions. At their Spa Village, you'll find beauty and unique Malay restorative treatments that use techniques that's been passed down for generations.

Check out the For Her Dandan Puteri Tujuh treatment, a three-hour pampering session that consists of a consultation with a specialist, a floral bath experience, a traditional Malay massage, a hair cream bath and facial and body scrub, a fragrant milk bath, and a scented body steaming session. Enjoy all these while you indulge in Ubat Periok, a herbal tonic drink. Ah, isn't this pure bliss?

For nature lovers: Noni's Mountain Resort (Philippines)

While tourist activities are still not allowed in some areas of the Philippines, you'll be delighted to know that there are now spots open for socially distanced staycations — just the way solo travellers like it, we reckon. Noni's Mountain Resort is one of those that are now welcoming guests at their luscious, picturesque accommodations with breathtaking views of Taal Lake and Mount Maculot.

Nature lover solo travellers would love their private cabins that are designed for luxe glamping. It's equipped with full air conditioning, a private bathroom, a solo firepit, a private heated infinity plunge pool and a private patio with dining area. 

For the ultimate island life: Brother Island (Philippines)

Want maximum privacy? Find solace at Brother Island, a private island situated near El Nido. Here, you'll have space all to yourself because they only accept exclusive bookings. Enjoy meals prepared by a personal chef where you'll feast in locally grown food and fresh catch-of-the-day. Afterwards, you may want to go snorkelling or have a massage privately.

While you're on this private island, it's the perfect time to do the things you've always want to do: finish that book, listen and dance to the music of your choice as loud as you want or just laze under the sun (with sunscreen, of course) in the late afternoon.

Which staycation destination for solo travellers appeals to you most?

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