6 Simple Styling Tips That Make A Huge Difference

Fashion-forward in an instant

Most style icons are an enigma and their looks often have a certain irresistible je ne sais quoi. Sometimes, it almost seems like their fashion sense is out of reach for us mere mortals. We want to be as stylish as them, but how? More importantly, how to do it in a way that's uniquely us and not just a copycat version? The solution lies in making some small style adjustments. In fashion, it's not always about drastic makeovers; small style tweaks can also make a huge difference. Here are six simple styling tips that will make you instantly more fashion-forward, according to stylist and fashion entrepreneur Li Rong Neo

Half tuck, full tuck or roll up your sleeves

Simple Fashion Tips
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Can a simple tuck really make a difference? Definitely! It's one of those finishing tweaks that you can do to make a look much more fashionable. "A simple adjustment like a half tuck, full tuck in, roll up sleeves always makes a look more polished and elongates the whole look," said Li Rong. She explained that more often than not, when an outfit is too long, it makes one look sloppy and untidy. "Sleeves don't have to be left to hang. Rolling up the sleeves of a t-shirt will make you look smarter and rolling up your chinos pants can give your old outfits a new twist."

Take baby steps to incorporate colours and prints

Simple Fashion Tips
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Incorporating colours and prints into your wardrobe can go two ways: it can spice things up or make you look tacky. So if you're not yet confident about adding a splash of hue to your look but want to try it anyway, Li Rong suggests taking some baby steps. "Start with dark-coloured checks and stripes first," she said. Another route is to concentrate on accessories like throwing in a pair of colourful earrings or a cute printed bag — a foolproof move that Li Rong does whenever she wants to add more creativity into her ensembles.

Limit textures to two

Simple Fashion Tips
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Using different textures in your look can make your outfit interesting. Go ahead, pair a ruffled top with a crepe skirt or contrast leather with frills. However, note that you might want to limit textures to two. "Do not have more than two textures in your look, It may look tacky instead of luxe," Li Rong said. She also cautioned against having a lot of layers as it is not too practical for our weather. 

Belt it

Simple Fashion Tips
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Tired of the same old tee and jeans? Belt it. Want to showcase your figure in a flowy dress? Belt it. Investing in a simple belt can transform your looks in a jiffy. "Belts makes a huge difference in making your ensemble feel more put together. It highlights the waist in a flattering way, it also breaks up and adds texture to even the simplest outfit," Li Rong said. As an example, she mentioned how a classic LBD (or any dress) can look more unique when an interesting belt is added to the mix. Think about that iconic Devil Wears Prada scene!

Cap off with baseball caps

Simple Fashion Tips
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Berets are out and baseball caps are in, according to Li Rong. "Thanks to Celine’s latest collection, baseball caps with logos are trending," she said. "The caps were worn with everything from blazers shrugged over a bra top to ticker-striped shirts under cardigans." Plus, if you're having a bad hair day, you can put it on and be done with it. Cool and chic, indeed.

Find your uniform

Finally, Li Rong recommends finding your uniform. It's that signature style that feels like you in every way. Think of what someone would wear if they go as you in Halloween. "Do not follow trends blindly. Figure out what styles and shapes you feel and look best in," she said. Finding your uniform also means making sure that every piece you have in your arsenal fits you perfectly. To ensure the perfect fit, Li Rong recommends taking the time to take pictures from the front, back, and side. 

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