5 Tips On Rocking The Reusable Mask Like A K-Celeb

Paparazzi not required

Life is slowly returning to normal and travel restrictions are beginning to ease up. However, it’s crucial that we continue to mask up whenever we’re out and about in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Given that the face mask is now an essential part of our everyday outfit, it’s only fitting that we look to a few fashion ‘experts’ — our favourite Korean celebrities and influencers — for tips on rocking this piece of protective gear without sacrificing our style.

Opt for non-basic black

Full-black ensembles go particularly well with face masks as they help to add to the whole mysterious-looking, ‘lowkey’ vibe that many K-celebs go for. Dance choreographer and fashion influencer Mina Myoung served a high-impact, top-to-toe black ensemble on Instagram, which comprises a cropped jacket with oversized sleeves, a belt bag, a mini skirt and kickass combat boots. She completes her outfit with her trusty face mask and a sky-high ponytail à la Ariana Grande.

Style Tip: Look for black pieces with interesting details that will help you express your unique style and individuality. Take it a step further by contrasting them with similarly striking colours, such as white, red and neon hues.

Play up your peepers

Even with half of their faces concealed from the paps, K-celebs would never pass up the opportunity to showcase the rest of their photogenic features, especially their eyes. With her cheeks and lips all covered up, Girls Generation’s Tiffany Young lets her eyes sparkle and shine with silver glitter under eye makeup. She also sports faux braid buns, a blindingly white performance outfit and a pair of jet black booties.

Style Tip: Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different fun eye makeup looks to draw attention to your beautiful peepers. If you’re planning to go for something a little more dramatic, ensure that your hair is neatly pulled back into a bun or a ponytail. Keeping the focus on one standout feature is more than enough to make a fashion statement.

Make magic with monochrome

With their busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, K-celebs often reach for outfits that help them look put together without sacrificing on comfort. As such, they are often snapped in sporty, monochromatic ensembles, which would fit right in within a dance studio setting as they would during private hangouts with their entourage. Above, we see Red Velvet’s Seulgi in a monochromatic ensemble, which includes a Nike cap, a grey sweatsuit, Converse sneakers and a face mask.

Style Tip: If colours are not your forte, start off with neutral hues, such as beige, grey and navy and gradually work towards wearing contrasting or analogous coloured outfits. By doing so, you will have a better grasp on the types of colours that you like, as well as the ones that would look the most flattering on you.

Create a high-low ensemble

Hey Eun-Se, you're so fine! Many popular K-celebs, including former actress Eun-Se, have access to the most luxurious, fashionable pieces. However, they are smart enough to realise that it’s better to opt for high-low ensembles rather than full designer outfits as the latter is usually not practical for everyday wear.

Eun-Se recently snapped a pic of herself looking relaxed in her adorable Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, square aviators, denim jeans, sneakers and face mask. Her seemingly casual and ordinary outfit actually carries a touch of luxe to it, as her purse is by Prada and her kicks are by Louis Vuitton.

Style Tip: If you consider fashion as a form of ‘investment’, then it’s worth saving up for a few luxury pieces that will help to elevate your outfits. We recommend that you spend your coin on great quality, versatile handbags in a variety of colours. As for trendy pieces, consider purchasing them from high-street labels instead, as they might go out of style within a couple of months.

Coordinate outfits with your bodyguard (or beau)

You’re unlikely to be a true, ‘crazed’ K-celeb fan unless you’ve fantasised about being your favourite celebrity’s bodyguard or makeup artist before. K-celebs often travel with an entourage, which keeps them well protected from the prying eyes of paparazzi and obsessive fans. However, that doesn’t mean that they will let their guard down when it comes to dressing up.

Model and style influencer Jang Nae-Ri looks K-celeb material in her casual-cool ensemble, which features a dark grey blazer, casual white tee, ripped jeans and a face mask. Her best accessory though is her beau, who looks ace in a grey jacket and matching trousers. The stylish couple’s platinum locks also effectively added to their star factor.

Style Tip: No boyfriend? No problem. Ring up your closest girlfriends and brainstorm fun outfits which you mix and match with one another. With a little extra time spent on coordination and a whole lot of confidence, you and your clique might just look like the next BLACKPINK.

Which K-celeb face mask styling tip are you most excited to try?

(Cover photos from: @nae_ri_vashi, @tiffanyyoungofficial and @minamyoung)

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