FAVE 5: Prim And Preppy

Oh so proper!

Pro tip: Whenever you're having trouble choosing an outfit that isn't too provocative nor conservative, slide into the middle by going preppy. Aside from looking effortless and feminine, it suits any occasion too. As seen from the Clozette Community, here are some OOTD ideas to help you prep for your next look! 

A 90s party

A 90's Party
(Photo from: AnnaPatrish)

Proper and lady-like

Proper and Ladylike
(Photo from: MarlinaCarlos)

Preppy street

Preppy Street
(Photo from: itsmehanah)

Fall monochrome look

Fall Monochrome Look
(Photo from: Estherksz)

Posh and proper

Posh and Proper
(Photo from: qiyunz)

(Cover photo from: Estherksz)

Or maybe dress it down by going athleisure.

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