Polène Bags Are The New It Bags To Have — Here Are Our Top 13 Picks

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Are you interested in owning a luxury bag, but don't have the budget to afford one? You can look at contemporary bag brand Polène — yes, the brand people line up for in Paris. It offers high-quality and well-made bags at a friendlier price point compared to luxury options like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, or Hermes.


What is Polène, the contemporary bag brand?

Polène is a Parisian leather goods brand that is the brainchild of three siblings. According to their website, the designs are inspired by the works of Madeleine Vionnet, Mariano Fortuny and Madam Grès and heavily feature "folded" details to highlight the malleability of the leather material. Each bag is crafted by artisans in Ubrique, Spain.

Polène bags are studies in dichotomies: playful yet functional, creative yet timeless, and luxurious but accessibly priced. It's no wonder why the brand's hashtag on TikTok has garnered over 18 million views. More if you search for #polènebags. It’s been seen on the arms of celebrities like Kate Middleton, Lily Collins on the set of Emily In Paris, and Singapore’s own Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly).

At the moment, the brand has four boutiques in the world — two in Paris, one in Tokyo, and the other in New York. Fashion lovers flock to these stores in the hopes of getting their hands on one of the brand's bags.

Did Polène increase its prices in 2024?

Yes, Polène has increased its prices (some up to reportedly 40%) due to a number of factors. Inflation — which impacts the economy as well as the cost of goods — has increased, and so businesses also have to adjust their prices too. Polène is also experiencing a high demand for its crowd-favourite pieces, and so it's confident that it can increase its prices without losing its loyal customers.

Ready to join the hype train? Here are our top picks from the brand's collection. Good news, the brand ships to Singapore!


1. Numéro Un Nano


A woman holding the Polène Numéro Un Nano in Taupe Textured Leather

The Polène Numéro Un Nano in Taupe Textured Leather. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


The top spot goes to the nano-sized version of Polène's first bag design. The Polène Numéro Un is a top-handle bag with a cross-body strap that is also the brand's best-selling design. It comes in 17 colourways and is designed to be your go-to day bag with its elegant and easy-going style.

It's priced at USD470/~SGD632 on the brand's website.

2. Numéro Dix

A woman holding the Polène Numéro Dix in Monochrome Black Textured Leather

The Polène Numéro Dix in Monochrome Black Textured Leather. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


If you like the look of baguette bags but want to have the option of wearing them as a shoulder or cross-body bag, then the Polène Numéro Dix is a must-have. The half-moon shape is inspired by the equestrian world and features a curved strap, foam padding, and hand-stitching. It comes in 14 colourways.

It's priced at USD580/~SGD779 on the brand's website.


3. Béri

A woman holding the Polène Béri in Textured Sandalwood in the crook of her elbow

The Polène Béri in Textured Sandalwood. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


With its four identical leather pieces which fold together and join at the handle, the Béri is considered to be one of the brand's softest and most feminine bags. It has a sliding metal clasp and removable, adjustable straps that transform the bag into a shoulder, crossbody, or arm bag. It comes in eight colourways and Ecru Shearling material.

It's priced at USD580/~SGD779 on the brand's website.

4. Tonca


A model holding the Polène Tonca in Textured Cognac

The Polène Tonca in Textured Cognac. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


The Tonca is another curved Polène bag that people have fallen in love with. It's crafted from smooth and textured leathers that are modelled on wooden moulds to create deep folds. It's available in 10 colours.

It's priced at USD540/~SGD725 on the brand's website.


5. Numero Neuf


A woman holding the Polène Numero Neuf in Blush

The Polène Numero Neuf in Blush. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


If you want a unique bag, the Polène Numero Neuf bag will deliver. The full-grain calfskin is moulded into a draped form that gives it a unique supple appearance. It closes with a magnetic flap so your belongings stay secure. It's available in nine colourways.

It's priced at USD610/~SGD819 on the brand's website.

6. Numero Sept Mini


A woman wearing the Polène Numero Sept Mini in Textured Olive

The Polène Numero Sept Mini in Textured Olive. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


Prefer more "structured" bags? The Polène Numero Sept Mini's design features textured calf leather in straight lines that naturally melt into curved corners. It also has sophisticated gold hardware on the gold-plated stainless steel clasp and chain shoulder strap. It's available in 15 colourways.

It's priced at USD480/~SGD645 on the brand's website.


7. Umi


A woman wearing the Polène Umi in Chalk Textured Leather

The Polène Umi in Chalk Textured Leather. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)


Here's another classic bag design that Polène puts its twist to. The Umi combines structure and flexibility in its softly hallowed arch design and supple side folds. The adjustable shoulder strap turns the bag into a crossbody, shoulder, or short "baguette" style tote. It's available in seven colourways.

It's priced at USD540/~SGD725 on the brand's website.

8. Numéro Huit

Polène Numéro Huit in Textured Beige.

The Polène Numéro Huit in Textured Beige. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)

Love the look of bucket bags? The Numéro Huit takes the bucket to the next level with its flower-like design. Waves of Italian full-grain textured calf leather are carefully moulded into fluted panels to create this sculptural piece. You can turn it into a handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag. It comes in six neutral colour options.

It’s priced at USD520/~SGD698 on the brand’s website.

9. Cyme

Polène Cyme in Cognac Canvas

The Polène Cyme in Cognac Canvas. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)

If you’re on the hunt for a tropical vacay tote, the Cyme fits the bill and more. You can have it in basket-style mode by leaving the sides open and the straps outside. Need your bag's contents to be easily accessible while touring around? Tuck in the sides and cross the straps inside to turn it into a flower-like closed bag. It comes in seven colours; choose one that fits your holiday OOTDs!

It’s currently on pre-order for USD520/~SGD698 on the brand’s website.

10. Numéro Sept Belt

Polène Numéro Sept Belt in Cognac Textured Leather

The Polène Numéro Sept Belt in Cognac Textured Leather. (Photo from: polene-paris.com)

For days when you want to go minimalist, pick up the Numéro Sept Belt. This is Polène’s take on the belt bag, in leather fashion. It’s a long continental flap wallet with a removable and adjustable belt that you can wear around your waist or across your body. It has space for several cards, cash, coins, and your phone. It comes in two sizes.

It’s priced at USD250/~SGD335 on the brand’s website.

11. Nodde

Polène Nodde in Smooth Cognac

The Polène Nodde in Smooth Cognac. (Photo from: eng.polene-paris.com)

Can't decide if you should go with a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag? You can get the best of both worlds with the compact Nodde which comes with an adjustable strap. You'll love its harmonious, intertwined design and its meticulous stitching. It's made with certified Italian full grain smooth calf leather.

It's priced at USD540/~SGD725 on the brand's website.

12. Yké

Polène Yké in Textured Tan

The Polène Yké in Textured Tan. (Photo from: eng.polene-paris.com)

If you're gearing up for more summery vacays, the Yké bag is the way to go. Its rattan basket is hand-woven in Tunisia and its leather petal design is made of certified Italian full-grain textured calf leather. It can be worn as a handbag or elbow bag.

It's priced at USD390/~SGD534 on the brand's website.

13. Ilo

Polène Ilo in Cognac

The Polène Ilo in Cognac. (Photo from: eng.polene-paris.com)

Looking for a bag that's perfect for the beach and can double as a laptop bag for your daily grind? You'll love the versatile and stylish Ilo. The brand's logo is imprinted on the bag and features sleek straps. It's made with 100% cotton fabric.

It's priced at USD360/~SGD484 on the brand's website.

Which one resonates with your personal style the most?


(Cover photo from: eng.polene-paris.com)

This article was first published on 6 June 2023. Last updated: 27 February 2024.


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