FAVE 5: Oversized Obsessions

For lazy days

We all love form-fitting outfits that enhance our figures and make us feel sexy. But sometimes, we can’t help but want comfier pieces that give us a bit more freedom to move. For lazy days that call for these, oversized clothes are your best friends. Check out how the ladies from the Clozette Community style their oversized obsessions for a completely laidback look.

Brightly coloured

Woman wearing a brightly-coloured oversized outfit
(Photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

Daring denim

Woman wearing an oversized denim jacket
(Photo from: shanegallano)

Travel easy

Woman wearing an oversized shirt
(Photo from: Camillepujalte)

Formally casual

Woman wearing an oversized outfit
(Photo from: sharniehung)

Down to a Tee

Woman wearing a white oversized t-shirt
(Photo from: axdelwen)

(Cover photo from: sharniehung)

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