5 Milan Fashion Week Trends You Can Wear At Home

From the runway to your home

Milan Fashion Week trends for Spring/Summer 2022 are not quite like the ones that came before. Past seasons brought us party-ready glamorous looks, even in the midst of the pandemic. But now, the ensembles showcased for the upcoming season feel a little more relaxed and the silhouettes are flowier than ever. It’s one of those rare occasions when there are a plethora of fresh runway trends that you can don in your humble abode.

Ready to spice up your loungewear looks? Here are five Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 trends that you can wear at home, stat.

Blazers over bralettes

One of the perks of working from home is having the freedom to wear whatever we want. However, it might not be the best idea to wear your pyjamas while you hustle because it can impact your focus and productivity. On the other hand, it’s also not very practical to wear your office clothes at home. A happy middle would be an outfit that’s comfortable but still polished enough. That’s where the blazers over bralette look comes in. This Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 trend is seen on several catwalks such as in Fendi’s and Calcaterra’s where it took a sleek and elegant form, while the ones from Etro and Missoni played with colours and textures.

Give your own spin: No blazer? No problem. You can also experiment with other outerwear that you may have like jackets or even “coatigans” (long cardigans). Bralettes can also be substituted with bra tops (if you prefer more coverage) or bikini tops ala Aaliyah.

Halter tops

There’s no stopping Y2K trends from taking over the spotlight. First came the low-waisted jeans, then the trucker hats, and now halter tops are waltzing their way back to our wardrobes. Yes, that triangular-shaped top that almost every other young actress wore in the noughties is back in style. We understand the initial hesitancy at embracing this comeback, but when we saw the recent reincarnation of this piece at Milan Fashion Week, we were immediately sold and we bet you’ll love it, too.

It’s definitely a levelled-up version of the halter top as we know it. There’s more creativity infused into it; just take a look at Missoni’s beaded take on the trend. We also spotted a cheeky butterfly-themed version courtesy of Bluemarine. So fun, don’t you think?

Give your own spin: Don’t have halter tops at the moment? Go for scarf tops in the meantime. You can easily transform a scarf into a halter top by tying the ends together at your neck and securing the knot with a safety pin.

Relaxed, colourful co-ords

The co-ords we’re familiar with are on the structured and polished side — like matching pantsuits and jacquard sets. While we still love those, the lack of opportunity to be out and about made us veer towards relaxed co-ords and that’s why we’re so delighted to see this silhouette at the Milan Fashion Week.

It’s noticeable how maximalist the aesthetic of these relaxed co-ords are. Check out Versace and Missoni’s co-ords featuring bright, colourful patterns that have a touch of psychedelic look. It’s definitely not your average loungewear.

Give your own spin: Why not take it up a notch and match your relaxed co-ords with some equally eye-catching beauty look? Experiment with gold eyeshadows or wear a bold lip. It doesn’t hurt to be a little campy even when you’re at home.

Crochet and knit your way

Crocheted and knit pieces might just be the most ubiquitous trend at Milan Fashion Week and it’s easy to see why. The casual and comfy look of these pieces resonates with the “homey” lifestyle we lead these days so it really comes as no surprise that crochet and knitted looks made more than one appearance on the runway.

These cosy pieces took many forms on the catwalk. There are skirts, fringe tops, mini dresses and even bags — which goes to show how versatile this trend can be.

Give your own spin: The good news is that you can easily make your own crochet and knit pieces. Want to give it a Milan Fashion Week spin? Go for neutral or block colours like the ones worn by the models during the shows. These timeless shades will go well with any piece that you have so you can incorporate them into various ensembles.

Cuffed shorts with design accent

Surprise, surprise! Cuffed shorts are back. To be clear, these are not the same as cut-off shorts that come with a frayed hem look. Cuffed shorts have a folded end which makes them look more polished than cut-offs. This soon-to-be summer staple graced the runways of Fendi, TODS, and Sunnei among others.

Nice detail: Sunnei’s cuffed part has a pattern.

Fendi’s cuffed shorts had an accent texture.

You could say that it can be considered as an understated trend because it doesn’t catch too much attention but you do notice it because of the unique accents and patterns that are added to the design.

Give your own spin: Got some old shorts? Add a little oomph to these worn-out pieces by adding cuffed hems. Simply fold the hem up to the desired length then add a bejewelled design or sew a piece of patterned fabric on the cuffed part.

Which of these Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 trends will you try?

(Cover photo from: @etro)

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