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We may not be able to celebrate Halloween in its full glory due to existing community restrictions, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up dressing up — especially since we have a lot of pop-culture characters to draw inspiration from in the past few months. Ready to know which ones made it on our list? Scroll and get inspired by these Halloween costume ideas based on these 2020 pop-culture characters.

Emily Cooper from Emily In Paris 

Everyone’s current favourite fashionista, Emily Cooper from Netflix’s Emily in Paris, is perfect for a last-minute Halloween costume idea because of the various looks you can copy from her throughout the series. You don’t exactly need to own her luxury wardrobe to channel her chic Parisian ensembles (unless you have these pieces already, of course), but just make sure you go for her crisper numbers and not her brow-raising curations.

Our top costume idea pick and how to cop it: This pink-plosion outfit from Episode 9. Every iconic fashion icon from pop-culture has at least sported a full pink outfit (Mean Girls, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde — need we go on?) so it’s only fitting that this is the look we pick out from Emily In Paris as well. Aside from drawing out everything pink from your wardrobe to pull off this look, you’re also set for comfort with the high-socks-and-heels combo that’s a lot more apt for the weather in our region.

Enola Holmes from Enola Holmes 

There’s a new Holmes in town and not only is she smart, charming, and brazen, she’s also quite fashionable for a mischievous Victorian lady. Steering clear from corsets or top-tied buns that are often tied with the fashion of that era, Millie Bobbie Brown’s Enola Holmes dons more prairie-apt outfits that are not exactly too shabby to wear even in today’s age.

Our top costume idea pick and how to cop it: The beige A-line dress with floral detailing she wore at the end of the film is one of our favourite looks and we totally think it would look great for either a solo Halloween costume idea or for recreating that romantic finale moment with your beau (who would dress up as Lord Tewksbury, of course!). Neutral dresses (or a top and skirt combo) are all the rage right now so you wouldn’t have a hard time recreating this outfit. Don’t forget to wear your hair loose, wavy, and elegantly carefree to really embody the bold Enola vibe.

Ko Mun Yeong from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay 

When we think of one of the most fashionable K-drama characters to emerge from 2020, it would probably be Seo Ye-Ji’s Ko Mun Yeong from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The snarky and eccentric fairytale book writer truly lives and breathes her works through her very dramatic outfits. They're on a new level of whimsy that truly merit admiration and would make as great Halloween looks inspired by a pop-culture character.

Our top costume idea pick and how to cop it: You may not be able to dress up like a fairytale princess like Ko Mun Yeong  on a daily basis, but Halloween is the one occasion where going extra is totally acceptable. That’s why for our top costume idea suggestion, we’re going for this ethereal white lace dress with ruffle-detailing matched with the slick 20s-inspired hairstyle from Mun-Yeong-ee.

It’s a look that’s still within her usual dramatic vibe but veers away from her penchant for bold or dark colours. It symbolised the vulnerability she was feeling in the scene, which makes it memorable. It's also elegant but somehow still easy to put together using what you already have on-hand.

Ji Sun Woo from The World Of The Married 

Let's go from one iconic 2020 K-drama to the next. Can we really talk about pop culture-inspired Halloween costume ideas without mentioning Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s mind-blowing looks? This The World Of The Married character stunned in every episode, making the face of revenge look absolutely envy-worthy.

Our top costume idea pick and how to cop it: As iconic as all of her looks are, one that we can totally see ourselves donning for Halloween is her hunting outfit. Comprised of a now-iconic red trench coat cinched at the waist with a thin belt, a snazzy silk scarf, gloves, and black knee-high boots, the look is completed by a long hunting gun. It might not be the most practical combination to wear on a daily basis, but we’re totally willing to give it a go with Halloween as an excuse — complete with a matching toy gun to really channel the stylishly scorned woman vibe from that memorable sequence in the drama.

Dani Clayton from The Haunting In Bly Manor 

Capping off our list is Victoria Pedretti’s Dani Clayton from the Netflix thriller series The Haunting At Bly Manor. Set in the late ‘80s, the series shows Dani’s preference for chunky pullovers and denim that were prevalent at the time but are resurging in today’s fashion scene.

Our top costume idea pick and how to cop it: Hair in a half-ponytail, wearing a washed-out denim jacket, a white top, and army green trousers, Dani’s most preferred ensemble is just what you need as a Halloween look. It might seem like a generic outfit at first, but anyone who has seen the series will surely get it when they see you in this outfit — no spoilers here, though.

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