Trends We’re Totally Adapting From Japanese Fashion Magazines

J-fashion and J-beauty 101

As someone who loves Japanese pop-culture, I’ve recently developed a habit of purchasing digital Japanese fashion magazines. Apps like Sマガ (Android/iOS) and Fujisan have enabled me to gain access to my now-favourite titles, delivering them real-time as the latest issue drops its physical version in Japanese bookstores. And let me tell you, once you start browsing through them — whether you have the Japanese language reading skills or not — it’s kind of hard to stop.

One reason is that, as compared to its Western counterparts, Japanese editorial spreads are usually a lot more reflective of wearable fashion and beauty looks that ‘everyday people’ like you and me can easily relate to. Obviously, there’s also the ‘Asian’ aspect of it for consideration. But besides that, there’s just something about these J-magazine features that feel more laidback and easy-to-recreate with one’s personal wardrobe and beauty stash.

Excited to find out more? From modest styles to wispy bangs, we share fashion and beauty trends from Japanese magazines to adapt to your own style.

Citrus-inspired fruity colours

Looking for a new colour palette to try out for your wardrobe? ViVi suggests citrus-inspired fruity colours. This colour palette features just the right amount of spunk with its bright and eye-catching appeal while still being easy on the eye given its soft hues. This perfectly complements muted earth tones that are also currently on-trend, giving that nice pop of colour to any monotonous ensemble.

Modest style meets breezy fabrics

Japanese women’s daily style usually lean more on the modest side. No matter the season, women tend to layer stockings or tights under skirts or simply wear pants or maxi dresses. It’s no wonder BAILA promotes this trend, with stylish layering as the backbone of any look.

Since modest fashion, especially when layering is involved, can look stuffy when not styled properly, a great contrast magazines present are breezy and flowy fabrics. Oversized tops are matched with ruffled maxi skirts, or plain linen shirts are tucked under high-waisted lounge pants that look sophisticated yet effortlessly comfortable.

Fall in love with neutral flats

Travelling through public transport is part of the everyday hustle in Japan so it’s no wonder why flats are preferred over heels, even on fashion spreads featured in with. We’re talking loafers, sneakers, and of course, boots. Interestingly enough, while Western trends are all about retro styles in multiple colourways, J-fashion still sticks to the minimalist appeal with neutrals still being the top choice. Classic silhouettes are also preferred over chunky or elevated shapes, allowing for more versatility especially when matching with the modest aesthetic.

Soft berry monochrome makeup

Soft berry monochrome makeup has also been gracing the pages of SCawaii lately. The look features shades of pink, red, and mauve mirrored from the eyes to the lips for a subtly flushed finish. In contrast to Western makeup, these looks are a lot more diffused, especially around the edges. Brown eyeliner and mascara are also used more often as compared to black for a softer visual impact to tie the entire look together.

Cute scrunchies and wispy bangs

Hairstyles featured in Non-no are a lot less complicated and styled more naturally than Western magazines. Typically, the models would simply have their hair down as for a relaxed and youthful appearance or have them up in a simple ponytail. On occasions where the look is more curated than usual, updos styled using a cute scrunchy and finished off with wispy bangs seem to be the official go-to. ‘Baby hairs’ are also typically left as is and not edited out, giving a more nonchalant but still charming appeal.

(Cover from: 邱 严 via Unsplash)

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