These Are The Hijab Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

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We're now seeing more women wearing hijabs on social media. On the forefront of this beautiful movement are hijab fashion bloggers or hijabistas, women who proudly wear their hijabs as a form of empowerment, not necessarily modesty, and self-identity. 

Hijabs have a very nuanced history, not just in culture but also in fashion. What started out as a cultural and religious symbol has since been adapted as a form of self-expression. In response, different fields have started to allow hijab-wearers to don their headscarves without constraint. Just look to women like Zahra Lahi, the first competitive Emirati figure skater, and Asma Elbadawi, the hijabi athlete who helped lift the ban on religious headwear in professional basketball. The impact was so powerful that international brands such as Nike and Dolce&Gabbana have designed hijab collections specifically to attract hijab-wearers.

Now that we’re in the time of inclusivity, in fashion and beauty, it's only fitting that modest fashion becomes more discussed and accepted around the world. For starters, get to know the hijab fashion bloggers you should be following.

Faa Firds

If you like monochrome outfits, Faa is the hijab fashion blogger to look to. Dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits are all given her signature twist. Clad in different shades of the same colour family from head to toe, Faa effortlessly pairs her hijab to her outfits and makes modest fashion look fresh. Aside from fashion, Faa also has a love affair with makeup as she also gives makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Sya Tymndor

Sya has quite an eclectic collection in her wardrobe. This hijab fashion microblogger can go for whimsical, pastel outfits one day and turn to comfy, sporty looks the next. But a recurring detail in her outfits, aside from her beautiful hijabs, are the sleeves. Bell, ruffled, or balloon sleeves are all given their time to shine on her feed. For this fashionista, it’s all about the details.

Esliza Loy

Wonder how prints and bold hues play into modest fashion? Esliza Loy is here to show you. This hijab fashion microblogger loves wearing outfits with beautiful prints and hues. She keeps the hijab neutrally coloured but injects some fun with her outfits. From jewel-toned dresses to fanciful embroidery, her posts show a wide range of variation in hijab fashion.

Liyana Aris

When it comes to range, Star Clozetter Liyana Aris knows how to show it in style. Her OOTD posts feature different trends, prints, and silhouettes that look oh-so-comfy and chic. It doesn’t just encompass her clothes, she also has a wide variety of hijabs. Animal prints, silky fabrics, and vivid colours are all incorporated into her everyday outfits. Plus, oversized outerwear like blazers and denim jackets all make a repeat appearance on her feed during the colder months. She documents her outfits, makeup looks, and travels on her blog The Good Weekender.

Ammarah Sahara Biruar Dumama

When not on the frow of hijab fashion shows, Ammarah, who is the Philippines' World Hibaj Day Ambassador, is busy organising them. She's also an avid traveller whose OOTDs strike the perfect balance between comfort and style that's very relatable. Aside from wearing proudly local threads, she also has a lovely collection of purses that will have you drooling with envy. Check out her posts here.

Vivy Yusof

Need some officewear inspiration? Girl boss Vivy Yusof is one of many hijab fashion bloggers to follow. She started her blog Proudduck during her university years in London before becoming a YouTuber and businesswoman. Aside from being the co-founder of the e-commerce website Fashion Valet, she also established the fashion and beauty brand dUCk to challenge the stigma surrounding headscarves and feminism. When it comes to personal style, it’s all about being chic through silky fabrics and flattering shapes. Even the simplest clothes are turned into girl boss-worthy material with her personal touch.

(Cover photo from: @vivyyusof)

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