FAVE 5: Layerin’ Love

Classic looks

May’s already coming to an end and summer’s certainly going with it. With the weather becoming more and more unpredictable as days go by, it’s important that we’re ready for it. If you’re looking for an ensemble that’s comfortable whatever the weather, then layered outfits are your best bet. Stay chic and elegant by wearing a thin blouse underneath a cami dress — this way you wouldn’t feel too hot or too cold if it rains or shines. Check out how ladies from the Clozette Community style this classic look.


Earthy hues

Woman wearing an olive shirt under a white dress while holding flowers

(Photo from: ianstamaria)

Light and breezy

One way to style layered outfits is by wearing a thin turtleneck blouse under a flowy light dress

(Photo from: Sabsoh)


Smart pinstripes

Women wearing pinstriped shirts under black cami dresses

(Photo from: Mgrazielle)

Sunny scarlet

Woman wearing a red dress over a white sleeveless shirt

(Photo from: Hazeldiary)


All zipped-up

Woman wearing a black turtleneck under a zipped up printed dress

(Photo from: Jaxlyx)


(Cover photo from: ianstamaria)

Feel like your look is missing something? Enhance your look with a belt like these ladies.

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