Up-And-Coming Local Fashion YouTubers To Watch Out For

Get to know these promising newbies

Want to be inspired to dress up again after sporting loungewear for so long? Look to these up-and-coming fashion YouTubers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to level up your ensembles. Whether you’re looking for new styling techniques or want to learn where to scout for great thrifted clothing, here are promising newbies to add to your subscriptions list.

heyavril (Singapore)

Aspirational fashion videos are great for inspiration, but don’t overlook day-to-day styling content like heyavril’s. On her YouTube channel, you’ll discover what it’s like to visit thrifting spots in Singapore, learn how to upcycle clothing, and pick up some practical fashion tips you can apply to your daily life. She also shares snippets of her art journey which are just as entertaining.

What to watch first: This video of hers on how to style button-up shirts for tropical weather. Here she shares so many ideas you can easily cop using basics that you may already have in your wardrobe.

yoyotwinkles (Singapore)

Watching videos of yoyotwinkles feels like video chatting with a friend. She shares not just the highlights but also the not so smooth parts — be it a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit perfectly or being honest about not having her life together at the moment. After finishing a video, you’ll come away with awesome outfit ideas and plenty of hearty laughs.

What to watch first: Her “intense” bedroom makeover. It may be an outlier video that’s not fashion-related but you’ll love how her styling sensibilities are translated into interior design. It may just inspire you to redecorate your space to match your looks.

notangel (Philippines)

Trends come and go so fast these days. One aesthetic reigns today and another will pop up in the next month. Of course, you don’t have to follow every trend that’s popular but if you’re curious and want to keep up with what’s hot fashion aesthetic-wise, look to notangel’s videos for cues. From guides on how to turn yourself into an ABG to showcasing attempts of dressing like a high-fashion model, her videos are always fun and on-trend.

What to watch first: Already watched a lot of Disney Princess-inspired fashion looks? Go over to the dark side with notangel’s video about villain style. Revisit the iconic ensembles of classic antagonists like Maleficent, Regina George and more.

Chelsea Valencia (Philippines)

Need some advice on where to shop for clothes? Go ahead and subscribe to Chelsea’s YouTube channel. She does various themed shopping and try-on videos of goodies she got from online shops on Shopee such as an all-brown haul or a basics haul. What you’ll love is that Chelsea doesn’t just show you what she got but also gives tips on how to style each piece. She also loves thrifting and shares under-the-radar spots that have nice selections.

What to watch first: This get-ready-with-me slash daily life vlog where you’ll see what she actually wears in “real” life. It’s always nice to see behind-the-scenes clips of how fashion YouTubers film their videos.

So-ju Twins (Malaysia)

Fashion is twice as fun with these stylish twins. They do lookbooks for specific occasions such as new outfit ideas for the Chinese New Year. The So-ju Twins also love sharing local shopping hubs to check out like thrifting spots in Malaysia, where you can get good streetwear pieces and online Malaysian shops to know. Aside from that, the twins create equally informative lifestyle videos about coffee shops in town, kimchi-making tips and more.

What to watch first: Refresh your wardrobe with these online fashion brands recommendations by the So-ju Twins. Those who live outside Malaysia can also explore these online shops and find one-of-kind pieces to order.

Farah Annisha (Malaysia)

Online shopping sites boast seemingly endless selections of clothing. If you’re overwhelmed with what to buy, check out Farah Annisha’s recommendations on her channel. It’s helpful to see someone try on a trendy piece especially if you like it but you’re not sure about the fit and quality. She also complements her hauls with practical styling advice for everyday wear. You’ll also be delighted that she uploads regularly so you’ll surely be updated about new releases.

What to watch first: This very fun Shopee Malaysia try-on video featuring affordable and fashionable picks. She also gave this styling video a twist with a magazine cover-like edit.

(Cover photo from: J Lyu via Unsplash)

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