How To Style Fall Pieces In The Tropics

Style hacks for the season

It’s that time of the year again when — despite not having the fall season in our tropical region — store shelves and online catalogues are rolling out the most covetable fall pieces. From scarves and boots to turtleneck tops and tweed coats, it’s hard to ignore them especially when they’re looking exceptionally on-trend.

Travelling to somewhere with an actual fall season seems bleak at the moment, so you might be wondering where this season's collection can fit into your tropic-friendly wardrobe. As always, we got you covered.

Take note of how you ‘cut’ your outfit when wearing boots

Woman wearing ankle boots
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It’s quite normal to be sporting boots nowadays, but how do you do it with your summer outfits? Knowing how to ‘cut’ your outfit — a.k.a. showing a little bit of skin — to create an air of breathability to your look is essential to pull off the boot look.

Bonus style tip: While ankle boots matched with mid-thigh bottoms are the best combo for a transition season, you can also pull off a knee-high pair by going for short-shorts or mini-skirts. Avoid opting for cuts that give only a peep of skin between your bottoms and your boots as it gives the illusion of you looking shorter than you actually are. Remember, the bigger the 'gap' between your hem and the beginning of your booties, the longer your legs appear!   

Take note of fabrics when layering with scarves

Woman wearing scarf
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A scarf is an amazingly versatile accessory. Admittedly, it’s not the most convenient to wear when going about your daily 30-degree Celsius lifestyle. So how do you balance out your desire to pull off the layer scarf look without having to deal with dripping sweat at every step? It's simple, really, go for lighter fabrics. Go with cotton or rayon – these fabrics are a lot cooler than materials like polyester or knit.

Bonus style tip: Own a colourful scarf you’ve been dying to wear out? Pair it with a monochrome outfit. Not only will the neutrality make the design of your scarf pop, but the sense of cohesion will also give the outfit a lighter visual feel that won’t look off in our heated climate.

Go for ponchos or shawls instead of coats 

Woman wearing knit wrap shawl
(Photo from: qiyunz)

Since we can’t really handle going for trenchies or tweeds in this heat, ponchos or shawls are your next best bet. Aside from being made with breathable materials as compared to your more traditional coats, ponchos and shawls are also a lot roomier, which allows better airflow even when layered with something else underneath. Plus, if the weather actually becomes a tad bit cooler in our region, it provides warmth as well.

Bonus style tip: Layering ponchos and shawls can look overwhelming given their freeform. To make sure it still looks flattering, go for complementing cuts like maxi dresses to create a whimsical and carefree vibe, or wrap a belt around your waist area for a more defined silhouette.

Get the ‘right’ kind of turtleneck 

Woman wearing turtleneck
(Photo from: Everestsays)

Turtlenecks are a staple in fall fashion. But while it’s undeniably chic, pulling it off is quite tricky in our region. Thankfully, short-sleeved or sleeveless turtlenecks are all the rage right now. Perfect for either wearing on its own or layering with lighter outerwear, this piece is great for both work and play all while exuding fall feels without looking too out of place.

Style tip: To really make the most out of this autumnal trend piece, go for fall-inspired colourways like browns, muted oranges, or even burgundies and pair it with lighter bottoms like whites and khakis for a sleek and crisp look.

(Cover photo from: qiyunz; sodapopp)

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