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Necklaces are major plot points in television shows. Case in point: Bridgerton (with its elaborate costumes and timeless makeup looks) used necklaces as symbols for characters’ personalities. If you’re an avid K-drama fan, you know that necklaces often come with declarations of love from one character to another. Although we’re not characters in a Regency drama or Korean show, we can still make necklaces part of our ensembles. There are a lot of dainty necklaces inspired by our fave shows that are readily available in our area. Ahead are some of our favourites!

Swarovski Dazzling Swan Necklace

The Swarovski Dazzling Swan Necklace as seen in the K-drama 'True Beauty'

(Left) 'True Beauty' character Lee Su Ho holding the swan necklace. (Photo from: (Right) Swarovski Dazzling Swan Necklace, SGD149/~USD112.73 (

If you closely followed True Beauty, which is available on Viu in our region, then you’re familiar with this beautiful piece. The Swarovski Dazzling Swan Necklace played an important part on the show since Lee Su Ho (played by Cha Eun Woo) gave this exact necklace to Lim Ju Gyeong (played by Moon Ga Young) when he confessed his feelings for her.

Wear the SocietyA x Krinou Petuna Dress with the Swarovski Dazzling Swan Necklace

SocietyA x Krinou Petuna Dress in White, SGD868/~USD654.95

How to style it: Keep the accessories simple by wearing the necklace alone with no other jewellery. As for your clothes, amp up the sweetness with a feminine dress and heeled sandals.

Tala By Kyla The Incomparable

Tala By Kyla The Incomparable necklace was inspired by the Netflix series Bridgerton

(Left) 'Bridgerton' leading lady wearing a dainty necklace. (Photo from: @barnabyboulton) (Right) Tala By Kyla The Incomparable, PHP449/~USD9.34 (Photo from: @officialtalabykyla)

Another dazzling dainty necklace inspired by our fave show Bridgerton, The Incomparable necklace by Filipino brand Tala By Kyla pays homage to the simple style of jewellery Daphne Bridgerton wore on the hit Netflix show. It’s a mix of her everyday pieces and the glamorous necklaces she wore to balls, so it certainly catches one’s eye, doesn’t it? 

How to style it: This will go perfectly with a tube top for a more casual look. If you want to go full-on with the Regency Era outfit, a corset top, puffed sleeved blouses, or some empire-waist dresses are perfect to wear it with. Check out our style guide here.

By Invite Only Gold Trinity Pearl Necklace

By Invite Only Gold Trinity Pearl Necklace similar to Bridgerton

(Left) Daphne Bridgerton wearing her signature necklace. (Photo from: @bridgertonnetflix) (Right) By Invite Only Gold Trinity Pearl Necklace, SGD59/~USD44.52 (

If you prefer a more low-key Daphne-approved design, Singaporean jewellery brand By Invite Only has a dainty necklace called the Gold Trinity Pearl Necklace. It’s very similar to the small gold and diamond chain necklace Daphne wore in all of the episodes.

How to style it: Wear with some small stud earrings for a chic and sophisticated look. Then, don your go-to basic white tee and denim pants combo for a casually stylish OOTD.

Wanderlust & Co. Heirloom Gold Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

Wanderlust & Co. Heirloom Gold Sterling Silver Locket Necklace is similar to the necklace in 'Emily In Paris'

(Left) Emily Cooper wearing the original Madewell coin necklace in the show. (Photo from: @emilyinparis) (Right) Wanderlust & Co. Heirloom Gold Sterling Silver Locket Necklace, MYR440.85/~USD109 (

Netflix's Emily In Paris served a lot of fashionable moments, even though some were a bit questionable. But if the gold coin piece Emily Cooper wore to that awkward dinner with Camille’s family caught your eye, this dainty necklace from Wanderlust & Co. is almost the perfect match for the Madewell one worn on the show. 

How to style it: This dainty necklace was made for stacking with other necklaces of varying lengths. Like Emily, you can wear this gold piece with a cosy sweater or cardigan top for a casual evening date. Have fun with it!

Tiffany T Smile Pendant

Tiffany T Smile Pendant was worn in "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim"

(Left) Kim Mi So wearing the necklace. (Photo from: (Right) Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Smile Pendant, price unavailable. (Photo from:

Finally, we come to The Necklace that’s been featured on a lot of Korean dramas. You can see the Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Smile Pendant on It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Itaewon Class, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and She Was Pretty. Its sleek design is perfect for both work and special occasions, so it’s quite a timeless piece to have in your jewellery collection.

A collage of different outfits to wear the Tiffany T Smile Pendant dainty necklace

(Left) Samira Front Wrap Crop Top, SGD36.90/~USD27.84 ( (Right) Lavinia Off Shoulder Pencil Dress, SGD53.90/~USD40.67 (

How to style it: Take a cue from Secretary Kim and don on some subtle stud earrings with this necklace. Slip into a silky blouse for a day at the office or add some sophistication to an off-shoulder dress for cocktail hour like Ko Mun-yeong.

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